Friday, February 29, 2008

Publicist Runs 90 Miles on 90th Birthday For 390 Friends

Hollywood Publicist July Myers Is Inviting 390 of His Friends To Celebrate Running 90 miles for his 90th Birthday, Saluting AmigoDay ™

Legendary Entertainment Publicist Julian Myers, once representing Marilyn Monroe, Gregory Peck, Dennis Weaver, Robert Wagner, and countless movie producers, directors and movies, turned 90 on Washington’s birthday (“We were good buddies…”) February 22. On that day he began a 90-mile run from San Diego to Los Angeles, where he will finish as a competitor in the L.A. Marathon’s 5K race, on Sunday, March 2. So far he has competed in 25 marathons, many of them to publicize AmigoDay.
March 2, too, Julian and his wife, co-founders of AmigoDay, will host 390 friends for dinner at a downtown L.A. restaurant to celebrate the AmigoDay spirit. AmigoDay: Just greet anyone anywhere, your way, any month’s first Sunday.
Julian, who has trademarked AmigoDay, will be interrupting his 90-miler for a few hours to work at and/or attend The Oscars February 24. He has been a member of The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences for 59 years, currently as president of Julian Myers Public Relations.

America and AmigoDay were both derived from the Latin word for friend, amicus,” Julian points out, “and variations of it are already used in 37 languages. I believe the word amigo has such warmth that it will be adopted by almost all the popular languages. I will visit as many media as possible during my 90-mile jaunt to tell about AmigoDay.”
Julian says, “Running is the best medicine. I estimate that if many of the almost three hundred million people in the U.S. would run a few times a week we would annually save $200,000,000,000 in medical expenses. And think of how many new friends of both sexes – in their running togs – we would all be meeting… AmigoDay is right!”
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Friday, February 15, 2008

Fox Television To Air New Drama Sat-Whittaker Bay

Fox Television begins
airing Whittaker Bay
Saturday nights 9 PM

Fox Television Inks Deal with
"Whittaker Bay" Moving To Prime Time

TV drama begins airing this Saturday night
Feb. 16, 2008) and stars Actor Timothy Woodward Jr.
and the Dazzling Duo - Sabrina and Kelly Aldridge
from MTV'S “8th & Ocean”

By George S. McQuade III

Wilmington, N.C. & Hollywood, Calif.After a six-week run on Super Station WGN,"Whittaker Bay" moves up this weekend to prime time on the new network "America One.” One of the most talked about dramas featuring Actresses Kelly and Sabrina Aldridge, from MTV’s “8th & Ocean” and Deck the Halls movie with Danny DeVito, and Actor Timothy Woodward Jr., of Palmetto Point begins airing Saturday, 9:00 P.M. on America One.

"Airing on WGN has been great for our show, but we just couldn't give up the opportunity to broadcast in prime time," said Producer Clint Allen, explaining the critical move to prime time audiences. America One programming is seen in more than 65 percent of the United States and Puerto Rico, via 171 affiliate broadcasters as well as 19 regional sports networks and DIRECTV and Dish Network. The new time slot will be 9: 00 pm on Saturday night. In March, America One will also be adding the show to their Sunday night line up as well.

The move to America One is just the start of a series of major developments for Wilmington, NC's first homegrown production. H2O Entertainment (the producers of "Whittaker Bay") has entered a partnership with Fox Television for a fall syndication run of the series on all of their owner-operated stations. The show is being offered as a barter-trade throughout the United States by a 50/50 advertising split on the various stations.

"We are excited to have Whittaker Bay as a part of our fall 2008 schedule," said Chris King, who heads station sales with Fox Television. "The show's scripted drama format seems highly entertaining as well as being targeted at a demographic audience, which we believe to be a strong asset to our broadcasting operations."

October 2008 will mark the beginning of market-to-market syndication for "Whittaker Bay".

Timothy Woodward Jr.

stars in Whittaker Bay

H20 has also entered into a partnership with leading online distributor H2O and Wizzard will be launching "Whittaker Bay" in March, making it available to fans through a variety of outlets including; iTunes, Apple TV, Tivo on demand, and of course The show will be available in a mini episode format that will split the episodes into two and sometimes three parts for a more friendly online experience. Wizzard will also be offering Mobile content of the show including ring tones and more.

The new show unveils the story of four families living in a pristine community along coastal North Carolina: The Bannigans, Visteds, Coles and Hawkins. “On the surface this close-knit group of suburban elitists seem to have a perfect life, then unexpected things begin to happen,” said Clint Allen, producer, H20 Entertainment, who chose to shoot the series in Wilmington, North Carolina.

Kelly and Sabrina Aldridge
star in Whittaker Bay

The cast features the show stopping blonde twins - Sabrina and Kelly Aldridge from MTV'S “8th And Ocean.” The twins also starred in the 2006 hit Christmas comedy “Deck the Halls” with Danny DeVito and Matthew Broderick and it was on DVD last year. Sabrina Aldridge and Kelly Aldridge have been taking the entertainment industry by storm in expanding their expanding their careers from modeling and television to acting on the big screen. Sabrina Aldridge was also cast in April Fools Day, a thriller, in theaters April 2008. America One Television is an independent full-service syndication and distribution television network for quality sports and entertainment programming.

About America One

America One programming is seen in more than 65 percent of the United States and Puerto Rico via 171 major network and independent broadcast television stations and 22 regional sports networks. America One Television is a wholly owned subsidiary of USFR Media Group, Houston, Texas.

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