Friday, August 16, 2013

Buddy Princeton, Glitter Rose and Romane Simon join celebs to rock out at the Artists in Music Awards Benefit

Artists in Music Awards Celebrity Benefit Event.
Producers Nic Creznic and Mike Jayy
Music Awards celebrate
  Dr. John Carvalho Birthday Bash and St. Jude Hospital Benefit at Bugata, West Hollywood (Aug. 8, 2013).
It was all part of the AIMA, "Breakthrough Series."
Nic Creznic, Glitter Rose, Mikey Jayy and Dr.
John Carvalho at the Birthday Bash in Bugatta.
John Carvalho is also a leading public health Researcher on infectious diseases in the developing world, and is a member of the Twenty International Scientific Academies.
Several celebs were on hand to celebrate including Buddy Princeton and the Incorruptibles. The Incorruptibles is a creative collaboration w/ Buddy Princeton, producer keyboardist Ronnie King, drummer John Ferraro, trumpet player Jon Barnes, who just wrapped up a European tour and the daCarbo Jazz Festival with Arturo Sandoval and Skip Martin (former lead singer, Kool & the Gang). 
Buddy Princeton has also been tapped as a new judge for the 2014 Artists in Music Awards this year. Also on hand Princeton's partner and good friend Romane Simon, producer, LA Live TV Show, who recently hired my music celebs such as Glitter Rose AIMA Rock Artist of the Year, 2013, to be on his new show.
(L-R) Glitter Rose, Romane Simon, producer, LA Live TV show cast.
Simon was the backup dancer for the late, Michael Jackson, and works with his Thriller producer, and was "Indie Filmaker of the Year," 2012. The next two events are AIMA, August 22nd and the LA LIVE TV THE SHOW Aug 31st, a tribute to Michael Jackson. 

The next St. Jude charity event will feature live performances by The Devious Means and 2012/2013 Best Alternative Artist - In Air, plus performances by Trevor PageMarga Lane, and Kamal Khan.

Other Breakthrough Series, St Jude Charity, & Red Carpet events schedule included:Thursday, August 22 at The Joint - performers include In Air, The Devious Minds, Mind the Gap, and more acts will perform.
Sunday, September 22 at The Joint - performers include MK Ultra, Walla, Byron Gore, (2 slots available) Sunday, October 20 - St Jude Charity, Costume Party, & Red Carpet Event (open)

Sunday, November 10 - Breakthrough Series and St Jude Charity Event (open) Sunday, December 15 - 2014 Artists In Music Awards Nomination Event - performers Cheating Daylight (seeking additional performers) Friday, February 8, 2014 - (2014 Artists In Music Awards Ceremony) - performers Cheating Daylight (seeking additional performers). Hard Rock Cafe to Host Opening of 2014 Artists In Music Awards: Performances by Glitter Rose and Soren Bryce.

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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

The Presidential Medal of Freedom will go to Arturo Sandoval, Loretta Lynn, Oprah Winfrey, Bill Clinton and a dozen others

Arturo Sandoval on trumpet, Jon Barnes
and Skip Martin at the Catalina

President Obama has named Jazz Giant Arturo Sandoval, Country Music Legend, Loretta Lynn, Oprah Winfrey and Bill Clinton for “The Presidential Medal of Freedom”.

Fresh off of a European tour and daCarbo Jazz Festival, Arturo Sandoval has been name among the top nearly two dozen (16) recipients of The Presidential Medal of Freedom.

Created 50 years ago, the award is the Nation’s highest civilian honor, presented to people who have made unique contributions to cultural or other significant public or private endeavors, US security, national interests and or to world peace.

Sandoval just recently performed at the Catalina Jazz Club (Aug. 2-3) with Skip Martin (Kool and The Gang) and jazz music master Jon Barnes. The European tour is also being filmed as a documentary.
(Arturo Sandoval pays tribute to his influence Dizzie Gillespie)

“It’s an honor to play with a genius in music and a musician, who has a heart of gold,” said Barnes after hearing about Sandoval’s Presidential Medal of Freedom Award.  “Music is a universal language and when we toured together, we held workshops at the daCarbo Jazz Festal.  Sandoval was an inspiration to students and took the time to talk to them one-on-one.”
(L-R) Buddy Princeton, Carlos Sanchez, Jon Barnes,
Aid Mayo and Luis Montilla on the red carpet at
Catalina Jazz Club, Hollywood with Arturo Sandoval
A musician of epic proportions, Arturo Sandoval is the protégé of Jazz trumpeter and one of Latin Jazz's musical founders, Dizzy Gillespie. A master of the trumpet and flugelhorn, Sandoval began studying classical trumpet at age 12, and has been recording for more than three decades. He has won four Grammy Awards and been nominated for 12 others in several categories including the 1978 Grammy for Best Latin album with the group "Irakere" (a Yoruba word for "forest") that he co-founded with Afro-Cuban piano virtuoso Chucho Valdés.

Sandoval, Skip Martin and Jon Barnes have been endorsed by daCarbo, which makes a-one-of-a-kind carbon fiber horns, giving a smoother jazz sound and weighing much less than the standard trumpets. Barnes has been endorsed by the US Postal Service for a commemorative forever stamp and collectible CD music of Miles Davis that Barnes produced and recorded.
(Skip Martin (former lead singer of Kool and the Gang above with
 Arturo Sandoval and Jon Barnes at the Catalina Jazz Club)

Barnes has also been endorsed by Monster Cable, who sponsored the daCarbo Jazz Festival, too. Jon Barnes will be playing music with Noel Lee at Monster Cable in Monterey Ca, Friday Saturday and Sunday (Aug. 16-18) at the Rolex Monterey Motorsports Reunion (car show) in Monterey County. He will feature his hit song, That's Monster Love (Jon Barnes on Reverbnation).

Much like Jon Barnes and other jazz musicians, Sandoval is modest about his fame however, he's the first to recognize legends in the audience who come to hear him and his Arturo Sandoval, L.A. Big Band. When Sandoval was performing with Martin and Barnes, he took the time to spotlight Ray Anthony, Ray Anthony Band and Debbie Allen, Debbie Allen Dance Academy, who was dancing in the audience to a Kool and The Gang hit Song, “Get Down On It and “Ladies Night”, where fans were dancing to the music. Debbie Allen appears tonight (Sat., Aug. 10) in Santa Monica, CA at the Barnum Theater for the 11 Annual Tap Festival.

Sandoval is performing tonight at the Smith Center Club, Las Vegas, NV, (Tues. and Wed., Sept.13-14). A quick peek at Sandoval’s tour schedule reveals he believes in corporate social responsibility with quite a few fundraisers in helping various nonprofit causes.  For more about Arturo Sandoval visit: For more about Jon Barnes: and Skip Martin:

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Thursday, August 8, 2013

Music Master Jon Barnes to produce music for Trayvon Martin Song and Arturo Sandoval L.A. Big Band

Jazz Musician Jon Barnes wraps up a double header weekend and produces music for a Trayvon Martin tribute song in the works

After a double header weekend with Arturo Sandoval and Skip Martin (Kool & the Gang), music master Jon Barnes heads back to the studios to produce more Jazz music.
Long Shot of Catalina Jazz Club
Jon Barnes, Arturo Sandoval and Skip Martin at the Catalina Jazz Club.
He has been commissioned to write music for Grammy Award-winning Arturo Sandoval’s Big Band. All three recently returned from the daCarbo Jazz Festival in Europe and hit the ground running the weekend that followed with a sold out show at Catalina Jazz Club, Hollywood. 
shots of Jon Barnes at Catalina Club with Arturo Sandoval
Jon Barnes, Arturo Sandoval & Skip Martin performed a smashing double header weekend at the famous Catalina Jazz Club.
“I want to give a big shout out for Arturo Sandoval and Skip Martin for inviting us to play with his big band and amazing orchestra here at the Catalina,” said Barnes. “We were almost dancing on the ceiling and I’m horse from blowing the trumpet and singing all night.”
Barnes attended a recording session at the Echo Bar Recording Studios, N. Hollywood, CA this week following the blockbuster performance and jazz weekend.  On a break between shows, Barnes talked about his part of the music production he wrote and recorded for the Trayvon Martin tribute.

Barnes said he was invited to contribute to a new song coming out that will benefit the Trayvon Foundation set up by the musicians.”
Long shot of Catalina Jazz Club stage with Jon Barnes
Jon Barnes at the Catalina plays the new daCarbo trumpet with Arturo Sandoval and Skip Martin, Hollywood.
It’s a unique way to give back to the community, so this will allow us to help out some kids who need our help,” Barnes explained. “We’re going to be offering some music mentoring, business opportunities and help youth learn how to be more effective.”
Skip Martin playing trumpet
Skip Martin (Kool & The Gang) hits the high notes with Jon Barnes and Arturo Sandoval in the background on stage at the Catalina Jazz Club.
The music movement comes 18 months after the George Zimmerman “not guilty” verdict. Peace not protest is the message from two producers behind the movement. “I’m told there will be a Grammy award-winning Hip-Hop music production team with some top artists coming to record the song, so it’s exciting to help the music community,” he said.
All those piano lesson from you payed off! You da Man! — with Arturo Sandoval, Stefan Maier and Skip Martin.
Jon Barnes (left) with his touring buddies including Arturo Sandoval (middle) and Skip Martin (far right) all sporting the new daCarbo signature trumpets.
Barnes has his own music curriculum already in place with,, which allows children to learn about music while simulating the playground experience. 
Barnes, who has been a tutor for disadvantaged kids learning music said he enjoys volunteering his time for classes.
JOn Barnes is always teaching, mentoring when he's not on stage performing his latest Jazz compositions. Currently available for bookings.
Jon Barnes is always teaching, mentoring when he’s not on stage performing his latest Jazz compositions. Currently available for bookings.
Additionally, Barnes just returned from workshops and a European tour in Barnbach, Austria at theDaCarbo Jazz Festival with Arturo Sandoval  and lead vocalist, Skip Martin of Kool and the Gang. The“Tribute to Louis Armstrong with Jon Barnes von Earth Wind & Fire LIVE erleben in Bärnbach”. It was sponsored by daCarbo (Swiss manufacturer of carbon-fiber made horns) and Monster cable.
Barnes is teaming up with Skip Martin and Buddy Princeton & the Incorruptibles to perform in various places nationwide. He’s currently reviewing a list of A-celebrity female singers for upcoming concerts.
MONSTER CABLE CD Miles Davis Stamp and Jon Barnes CD cover.
Jon Barnes original music CD celebrates Miles Davis music and commemorative US Postal Stamps that are constantly in high demand at the your local post office. (see story to order online.
Barnes has also produced a CD celebrating Miles Davis music. The cover features Barnes and a Miles Davis commemorative United States Postal Service Stamp. The music pays respect and honor to Miles Davis. It is Barnes’ original composition. To order a copy visit: For more about Barnes visit his website is: And you can follow him onTwitter:@thatsjonbarnes,

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Thursday, August 1, 2013

Grammy Award-Winning Arturo Sandoval teams up with renowned Jazz Musician Jon Barnes at Catalina Jazz Club

 Jon Barnes (left) — with Stefan Maier.  Arturo Sandoval (middle),and
Skip Martin(Kool and the Gang) (far right).  All five musicians are playing
the daCarbo Trumpet and just returned to USA last week. (courtesy Jon Barnes)

Hot off a European tour and global workshops, Hollywood comes alive with Jazz Giants Arturo Sandoval and Jon Barnes this Friday and Saturday nights.

Be sure to save the date, this Friday, August 2nd and 3rd, as Jon Barnes will be playing with Arturo Sandoval. The Hollywood Bowl came alive tonight (Wednesday, July 31, 2013), with some great sounds of Arturo Sandoval and his big band. Barnes is working on musical compositions with Sandoval this week.
Three legendary Jazz and Pop musicians in concert:
Arturo Sandoval,Skip Martin and Jon Barns.
Look for Jon Barnes in Hollywood this
weekend at the famous Jazz joint,
The “New Catalina Jazz Club”, Friday and Saturday.

ARTURO SANDOVAL is fluent in at least four musical languages. He can burn through an Afro-Cuban groove, tear up a bebop tune, soar over a Mozart concerto, and sooth you with a luscious ballad, all with equal power and grace.
Granted political asylum in July 1990 and U.S. citizenship in 1999, Sandoval and his family now call Miami home. A protégé of the legendary jazz master Dizzy Gillespie, Sandoval was born in Artemisa, a small town in the outskirts of Havana, Cuba, on November 6, 1949. He began studying classical trumpet at the age of twelve, but it didn’t take him long to catch the excitement of the jazz world.
He has since evolved into one of the world’s most acknowledged guardians of jazz trumpet and flugel horn, as well as a renowned classical artist. Sandoval was a founding member of the Grammy-winninggroup Irakere, whose explosive mixture of jazz, classical, rock, and traditional Cuban music caused a sensation throughout the entertainment world.
A collectible in music and history (click here to get yoursThe
 music pays respect and honor to Miles Davis and his New
commemorative United States Postal Service Stamp. The original
music was written after attending the ceremonies in New York
and at The Hollywood Bowl. Be sure to ask your post office for the
Forever Miles Stamp.
And speaking of big band sounds. Barnes has been commissioned to write and produce music for Arturo Sandoval and his big band. Barnes, Sandoval and Skip Martin (lead singer, Kool and the Gang) just returned recently from a tour in Europe for the daCarbo Jazz Festival.
Barnes jammed with his talented, musical friends playing solo piano, trumpet, and any thing else he can get his hands on during the Dacarbo Jazz Festival in Barnbach, Austria with Skip Martin and Arturo Sandoval. Three days of jam sessions, master classes, and amazing performances were also filmed for an upcoming documentary.
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