Friday, August 16, 2013

Buddy Princeton, Glitter Rose and Romane Simon join celebs to rock out at the Artists in Music Awards Benefit

Artists in Music Awards Celebrity Benefit Event.
Producers Nic Creznic and Mike Jayy
Music Awards celebrate
  Dr. John Carvalho Birthday Bash and St. Jude Hospital Benefit at Bugata, West Hollywood (Aug. 8, 2013).
It was all part of the AIMA, "Breakthrough Series."
Nic Creznic, Glitter Rose, Mikey Jayy and Dr.
John Carvalho at the Birthday Bash in Bugatta.
John Carvalho is also a leading public health Researcher on infectious diseases in the developing world, and is a member of the Twenty International Scientific Academies.
Several celebs were on hand to celebrate including Buddy Princeton and the Incorruptibles. The Incorruptibles is a creative collaboration w/ Buddy Princeton, producer keyboardist Ronnie King, drummer John Ferraro, trumpet player Jon Barnes, who just wrapped up a European tour and the daCarbo Jazz Festival with Arturo Sandoval and Skip Martin (former lead singer, Kool & the Gang). 
Buddy Princeton has also been tapped as a new judge for the 2014 Artists in Music Awards this year. Also on hand Princeton's partner and good friend Romane Simon, producer, LA Live TV Show, who recently hired my music celebs such as Glitter Rose AIMA Rock Artist of the Year, 2013, to be on his new show.
(L-R) Glitter Rose, Romane Simon, producer, LA Live TV show cast.
Simon was the backup dancer for the late, Michael Jackson, and works with his Thriller producer, and was "Indie Filmaker of the Year," 2012. The next two events are AIMA, August 22nd and the LA LIVE TV THE SHOW Aug 31st, a tribute to Michael Jackson. 

The next St. Jude charity event will feature live performances by The Devious Means and 2012/2013 Best Alternative Artist - In Air, plus performances by Trevor PageMarga Lane, and Kamal Khan.

Other Breakthrough Series, St Jude Charity, & Red Carpet events schedule included:Thursday, August 22 at The Joint - performers include In Air, The Devious Minds, Mind the Gap, and more acts will perform.
Sunday, September 22 at The Joint - performers include MK Ultra, Walla, Byron Gore, (2 slots available) Sunday, October 20 - St Jude Charity, Costume Party, & Red Carpet Event (open)

Sunday, November 10 - Breakthrough Series and St Jude Charity Event (open) Sunday, December 15 - 2014 Artists In Music Awards Nomination Event - performers Cheating Daylight (seeking additional performers) Friday, February 8, 2014 - (2014 Artists In Music Awards Ceremony) - performers Cheating Daylight (seeking additional performers). Hard Rock Cafe to Host Opening of 2014 Artists In Music Awards: Performances by Glitter Rose and Soren Bryce.

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