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'Gimme Shelter' - a Cinderella story and a film against all odds with big names like James Earl Jones, Vanessa Hudgens and Rosario Dawson

Vanessa Hudgens, Ron Krauss, Rosario Dawn and Kathy DiFiore.

It takes a lot of calculated risk and drive to get a film like this to Hollywood. Even the movie critics before and after it's release are not happy.                                                       

Some focusing on acting or the script to the fact it is based on a very trying story of a pregnant teen named, 
Agnes "Apple" Baily, played by Vanessa Hudgens (breakaway star in  “High School Musical” (2006) and Spring Breakers (2012)  and Sucker Punch (2011). It is quite a compelling story and eye opener if you have never experienced homelessness, where eating left over food from a garbage dumpster to sleeping in unlocked cars at night are the norm. 

And if you were raised in a foster home or your mother was abusive or addicted to drugs, this film will hit home for you. 

"Apple"  (Vanessa Hudgens), a 16-year old pregnant homeless teen is forced to runaway from her abusive mother and even when she finds shelter and safety, the drama and challenges seem to never end. She finds herself on a desperate and isolated journey of hope and survival.

The film opens with Apple (Hudgens) chopping off her hair in the bathroom.

From there it gets intense with her drug addicted mother played by Actress Rosario Dawson. And her real, rich Wall Street father played by Brendan Fraser makes for a pretty powerful movie, especially if you've ever experience life on the streets or lived in a foster home.

The movie is inspired by the controversial true story of a strong Catholic, Kathy DiFiore and her founding of Several Sources Shelters - a maternity home for unwed mothers that has improved the lives of runaway teens in New Jersey.

DiFiore has been praised by Mother Theresa to President Ronald Reagan for her passion help homeless teens.  On the red carpet in Hollywood DiFiore said she was surprised and delighted the movie made it to the big screen. 
Kathy DiFiore and Actress Rosario Dawson at premiere.

DiFiore also talked about her personal observations and the need to do more about homlessness. "We need to do more events like these (movie premiere) to make people aware of homelessness," she said.

Difiore struggled until she landed a job as a teen, later bought a house in New Jersey and started a shelter for pregnant teens, which was illegal. Later New Jersey passed state laws allowing the shelter to remain. Now, Several Shelters are in several states since Difiore launched her dream 30 years ago.
Vanessa Hudgens and Rosario Dawson on the red carpet.

Ironically, late last year the Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority's update Count of homelessness in the Greater LA area revealed that there are 57,700+ men, women and children who have no place to call home every night. There are only 4, 059 emergency shelter beds, too for all of LA County.
Even award-winning writer/director, Ron Krauss admits it was an uphill battle and in several cases there were Hollywood movers and shakers trying to stop the film from getting released. "I keep saying no, no, no."

All the more you should go see this great film '
GIMME SHELTER." It's now playing in nearly 400 theaters nationwide.

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Monday, January 20, 2014

Hollywood says goodbye to lendary Publicist Julian Myers at Hollywood Museum

 Legendary Hollywood Publicist, 96-year old Julian Myers, who promoted AmigoDay by winning six medals in one day at World Senior Meet in St. George, Utah was Memorialized today (Jan. 19, 2014) at the Hollywood Museum.
Julian Myers represented Elvis Presley, John Wayne, Gregory Peck, Cary Grant, Marlon Brando,Bette Davis, James Stewart, Mickey Rooney, Judy Garland and Marilyn Monroe, so it was fitting that the memorial was held at the Hollywood Museum, which has 10,000 artifacts on Hollywood, including Marilyn Monroe’s 1961 Cadillac Fleetwood Chauffeur car on display on the first of four floors. Julian Myers was a big supporter of the Hollywood Museum, where he brought many celebrities for red carpet events.
Jon Myers eulogizes his Dad Julian.
At the memorial this morning, several TV news interviews of Julian were played, including a KCBS TV interview, where Myers recalled, “helping Marilyn Monroe make it to the set for a morning shoot after the actress had been out late the night before partying at an event,” he said ‘I was the only guy trying to get her out of bed,” he joked, also explaining that he “was a happily married man.”
Myers died (Saturday, Dec. 21, 2013) last month just a few months after his wife of 43 years, Patsy Nanny Myers, who died in October, in Las Vegas.
His son, a well-known New York Publicists, Eric Myers, who was the memorial MC, said of his father, “Dad was a loving father, he adored us and supported whatever we did. He was that way with every kid he met, and that side of him was treasurable,” he said.
Julian Myers other son, Jon Myers talked about his Dad as everyone’s publicist if you knew him at all. “Julian was probably everyone’s best publicity agent,” he said. “If you knew my Dad you were represented. He did a phenomenal job not just for his family members, but for everyone. I have heard so many little stories over the past week on how Julian Myers helped so many people and made
them feel welcomed.”
Jon Myers said his father had so many accomplishments and if you took one thing like winning the senior Olympics, or teaching at LMU, UCLA or USC that would be enough for one’s career. “And if you look at what he did for the motion picture industry, he was a walking historical empire,” Myers said.
Myers said his Dad had a gift, “He was gifted with what I call the ‘other oriented.’ If you were with him, it wasn’t about him, it was about you. And he knew stuff about you and when he introduced you to someone else he would say, ‘this is what this person has accomplished’. He became known as his own publicity agent, who made everyone feel good around him,” Myers said.
Myers and his wife and partner, Patsy, trademarked AmigoDay nearly a decade ago and had been promoting it ever since. “Just greet anyone anywhere, your way, any month’s first Sunday,” he said. Myers, out of more than two dozen marathons, he competed in the California State Senior Meet at CalTech in Pasadena in track and field in his age group and won five first places and a second, “to popularize AmigoDay,” Myers said.
At an Entertainment Publicists Professional Society event honoring “Legends in PR”, Julian Myers was asked what’s missing in Hollywood? He responded, “We need to bring back gimmicks,” he said. Myers was no stranger to exciting the media and public with his publicity stunts. On his 90th birthday, he invited 390 of his friends to come to a deli in downtown LA, after running the 90 miles from San Diego to end his journey on the last day of the LA Marathon. Myers has won the most medals seven-years-in-a row at the Annual Huntsman World Senior Games track meet in St. George, Utah. At today’s memorial we learned his last run nearly ended his life, but he recovered after passing out in the arms of time event staffers at the end of the race.
Long time Julian Myers' friends
Aida Mayo, MAYO Communications
and Rita Werden, Film Publicity.
One of Myers' boosters was David Bowman, former actor in "Murder, She Wrote," "Dallas" and other TV series, who sometimes runs to support him on Myers' Marathons in LA and Las Vegas.
Myers competed in so many marathons all over the world, but his best marathon was surviving Hollywood for six decades of entertainment publicity, so it was only fitting that his memorial was held there today.
“We’ve had several memorial services, but this is one of the most heartfelt events we’ve had here at the Hollywood Museum," said Donelle Dadigan, founder & president, Hollywood Museum. “I want to tell the Myers family that you are so fortunate to have a great father, brother and grandfather. He was a lovely man,” she said.
“If you didn’t say anything, he could sit there and tell you interesting factoids and stories until after the sun set. He had such a rich career and I do believe it came from his personal caring. He was always so generous and helpful to us,” Dadigan said. “He was the real deal.”
For highlights and more images from the Julian Myers Memorial
This story was first publish in 

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Thursday, January 16, 2014

Vanessa Hudgens switches from a homeless pregnant teen on screen to a dazzling queen on the red carpet for ‘Gimme Shelter’ Premiere

Premiere night for Gimme Shelter starring Vanessa Hudgens and Rosario Dawson
Premiere night for Director/Writer Ron Klauss (center) of Gimme Shelter. Also pictured are Rosario Dawn (on his right and KAthy DiFiore (far right) on the other side is Star Vanessa Hudgens and Producer Scott Steinorff. Not picture but stars in the movie is James Earl Jones, who plays a priest.
Vanessa Hudgens on the red carpet
Vanessa Hudgens (Apple) on the red carpet for “Gimme Shelter” premiere and homeless benefit at the Egyptian Theater, Movie hits theaters Fri., Jan. 24th.
Some 300 Hollywood celebs, homeless activists and stars of the new movie,”Gimme Shelter” packed into the Egyptian Theater for a powerful drama.
The special fundraiser for the homeless was staged by BubbleFishMedia, who invited homeless services nonprofits and agencies to view the film.The movie based on the life of  Founder Kathy Difiore, Several Sources Shelters, Inc. brings home the plight of Mothers & babies, who are homeless. Difiore, who was on the red carpet last night said, “We need to do more for the homeless. They’re no just drug addicts, they are people who have lost their job or family support," she said.
The true story is about 16 year old street-wise Apple (High School Musical Star. Vanessa Hudgens) has never had an easy life. Her mother, June Bailey (Rosario DawsonSin City and Seven Pounds ), is an addict and prostitute, is verbally and physically abusive. She is grooming her daughter to follow in her footsteps, but not without a fight.
closeup of
Kathy DiFiore, founder of Several Shelters, Inc., N.J. talks to Actress
Rosario Dawson, who plays June the mother of Apple (Vanessa Hudgens)
at the premiere in Hollywood.
Scott Steinorff, excecutive producer, Gimme Shelter closeup on the red carpet
Scott Steinorff, executive producer, Gimme Shelter , on the red carpet in for the Premiere of the film based on true story of Kathy DiFiore, who was a pregnant teen and went from being homeless to starting a shelter for women and babies in New Jersey.
Apple knows the streets, alleys and motels like the back of her hand, but wants more from her life. She possesses a tenacious, tough, indomitable spirit and will not surrender to setback.Apple runs away from her mother and tracks down her father whom she has never known, as he was only 19 when he got Apple’s mother pregnant. Apple begs her now Wall Street Broker father, Tom Fitzpatrick (Brendan Fraser), to take her in.
In the few days under her father’s care, she learns she’s become pregnant by a kid from the streets she met on the train, who now wants nothing to do with her. The teen is forced to leave her father’s home because of her choice to keep the baby.
Apple runs away again, and is eventually taken under the wing of Father McCarthy (James Earl Jones), the chaplain of the local hospital after almost getting herself killed in a car accident.
Vanessa Hudgens on the red carpetfor Gimme Shelter premiere. Theis Movie out Fri., Jan. 24th.
Vanessa Hudgens, who plays the pregnant teen told USA Weekend, “Looking in the mirror was thrill,” she said. “I had the freedom to become as ugly as possible. I didn’t keep any clothes, but I took a couple of piercings as keepsakes.”
He offers to let Apple live at a shelter for pregnant young women run by a spiritual woman named Kathy (Ann Dowd). It is here that Apple begins to tentatively interact with the other girls who are in the same predicament as she and gradually begins to make a family for herself. The movie has nonstop action and throws you in the streets of homelessness from eating out of garbage cans to sleep in strangers unlock cars to survive. 
Hudgens and several actors spent much time living in homeless shelters to study their true-story roles.
Vanessa Hudgens on the red carpet
Just before the movie started, Director Ron Klauss told the audience the film”I met Difiore in front of a shelter. I spent a year living in the shelter to learn what it was like before shooting the movie, which took four years,” said Klauss  The film is has several powerful and promising moments of domestic violence between Apple and her Mom (Rosario Dawson), who plays the addicted Mother, who won’t give up.
Two thumbs up and very true to life if you’ve been raised in a foster home. Due out Friday, January 24th.
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Monday, January 13, 2014

'Gimme Shelter' film premiere features Vanessa Hudgens, James Earl Jones, Brendan Fraser, Rosario Dawson and Ann Dowd at Egyptian Theater for homeless benefit

Agnes “Apple” Bailey (Vanessa Hudgens) has grown up with an abusive addict for a mother, June (Rosario Dawson). She decides to run and find her father, Tom Fitzpatrick (Brendan Fraser), discovers he’s now a Wall Street broker with a family. She stays with them for a little while, but is soon forced to leave when she realizes she’s pregnant and Tom doesn’t agree with her choice to keep the baby.
Tuesday night homeless benefit and movie premiere
After getting in a car accident and ending up in hospital, she’s taken under the wing of chaplain Father McCarthy (James Earl Jones). He offers to let Apple live at a shelter for pregnant young women run by a spiritual woman named Kathy (Ann Dowd). Apple gradually begins to bond with the others girls at the shelter, eventually considering them her real family.
But June soon finds her again, and she’s determined not to let go of her daughter.
To RSVP:  Donations can will benefit the homeless.

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Friday, January 3, 2014

Producer Director Geoffroy Faugérolas brings “The Tsarevich” – an inspiring film about the Russian Civil War to the big screen

It’It’s hard to come by an independent movie, which carries so much passion, drama and major competition that makes it to first base. But a film entitled, The Tsarevich (2013) does more than that - it’s a homerun in drama and storytelling based on real events that occurred to the Imperial family of Russia in 1918 at the verge of their execution.

“The Romanov’s story is extremely moving and it has never been told through the point of Alexei who was beloved and respected by all,” said Award-Winning Producer and Director Geoffroy Faugérolas. “Their tragic end deserves to be told so that we do not forget the details of one of the most powerful countries in the world. After the family was executed, the red army defeated the white army. Vladimir Lenin was in power to create the USSR.”

The Romanovs are being held captive by the secret police of the Bolsheviks, a communist party lead by Vladimir Lenin and under Yakov Yurovsky's watch. Alexei, the only heir of the throne that suffers from hemophilia and therefore, lives a very intricate life, where nobody sees his inner valor and strength.

It stars Mark Fitzgerald (Because These Kids Are, 2013 and What I Did Last Summer: Army Brat Blues, 2012, Christina Franco, (Barefoot, 2014, Anna Nicole, 2013 TV movie) and  Mark Moses, of Desperate Housewives and Mad Men, who was a high school quarterback in Evanston, Illinois and later got into NYU's Tisch School of the Arts and graduated with a degree in theater. He immediately landed a role in the Broadway production, "Slab Boys", with Sean Penn and Kevin Bacon, and was working off-Broadway and in regional theaters when he met Oliver Stone, who cast him as "Lt. Wolfe" in the academy award-winning film, Platoon (1986). Oliver also cast Mark in Born on the Fourth of July (1989) and The Doors (1991). He brings a lot of drama to the story and film Tsarevich. The film, which is inspired by a true story is being shopped for more investors and worldwide distribution. 
Red Guard Gregoriy (Steve Humphreys)
prepares the family transfer.
It’s a riveting, emotional and inspiring story of a young boy, suffering from hemophilia that fights prejudice to defend the one he loves. 

The powerful story touches everyone and has a great range of characters and emotional depth to it. The Tsarevich already raised interests in European and U.S markets and will be sent to festivals worldwide.

The film was also co-produced by Alena Burova and Camila Medeiros (Alice, 2013). You can find The Tsarevich fan page on Facebook:, too. This 2014 indie film is the one to watch this year in Hollywood.
Behind the scenes shot: in this scene - The Tsarevich (Michael Fitzgerald),
The Tsar ( Mark Moses ), The Empress (Cristina Franco), Grand Duchess Olga
(Anne Griffin), Grand Duchess Tatiana (Arina Khoryakova), Grand Duchess Maria
(Lizzie Zerebko) and Grand Duchess Anastasia (Ally Ioannides) waiting for the

Photos courtesy Producer and Director Geoffroy Faugérolas,