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'Gimme Shelter' - a Cinderella story and a film against all odds with big names like James Earl Jones, Vanessa Hudgens and Rosario Dawson

Vanessa Hudgens, Ron Krauss, Rosario Dawn and Kathy DiFiore.

It takes a lot of calculated risk and drive to get a film like this to Hollywood. Even the movie critics before and after it's release are not happy.                                                       

Some focusing on acting or the script to the fact it is based on a very trying story of a pregnant teen named, 
Agnes "Apple" Baily, played by Vanessa Hudgens (breakaway star in  “High School Musical” (2006) and Spring Breakers (2012)  and Sucker Punch (2011). It is quite a compelling story and eye opener if you have never experienced homelessness, where eating left over food from a garbage dumpster to sleeping in unlocked cars at night are the norm. 

And if you were raised in a foster home or your mother was abusive or addicted to drugs, this film will hit home for you. 

"Apple"  (Vanessa Hudgens), a 16-year old pregnant homeless teen is forced to runaway from her abusive mother and even when she finds shelter and safety, the drama and challenges seem to never end. She finds herself on a desperate and isolated journey of hope and survival.

The film opens with Apple (Hudgens) chopping off her hair in the bathroom.

From there it gets intense with her drug addicted mother played by Actress Rosario Dawson. And her real, rich Wall Street father played by Brendan Fraser makes for a pretty powerful movie, especially if you've ever experience life on the streets or lived in a foster home.

The movie is inspired by the controversial true story of a strong Catholic, Kathy DiFiore and her founding of Several Sources Shelters - a maternity home for unwed mothers that has improved the lives of runaway teens in New Jersey.

DiFiore has been praised by Mother Theresa to President Ronald Reagan for her passion help homeless teens.  On the red carpet in Hollywood DiFiore said she was surprised and delighted the movie made it to the big screen. 
Kathy DiFiore and Actress Rosario Dawson at premiere.

DiFiore also talked about her personal observations and the need to do more about homlessness. "We need to do more events like these (movie premiere) to make people aware of homelessness," she said.

Difiore struggled until she landed a job as a teen, later bought a house in New Jersey and started a shelter for pregnant teens, which was illegal. Later New Jersey passed state laws allowing the shelter to remain. Now, Several Shelters are in several states since Difiore launched her dream 30 years ago.
Vanessa Hudgens and Rosario Dawson on the red carpet.

Ironically, late last year the Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority's update Count of homelessness in the Greater LA area revealed that there are 57,700+ men, women and children who have no place to call home every night. There are only 4, 059 emergency shelter beds, too for all of LA County.
Even award-winning writer/director, Ron Krauss admits it was an uphill battle and in several cases there were Hollywood movers and shakers trying to stop the film from getting released. "I keep saying no, no, no."

All the more you should go see this great film '
GIMME SHELTER." It's now playing in nearly 400 theaters nationwide.

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