Friday, January 3, 2014

Producer Director Geoffroy Faugérolas brings “The Tsarevich” – an inspiring film about the Russian Civil War to the big screen

It’It’s hard to come by an independent movie, which carries so much passion, drama and major competition that makes it to first base. But a film entitled, The Tsarevich (2013) does more than that - it’s a homerun in drama and storytelling based on real events that occurred to the Imperial family of Russia in 1918 at the verge of their execution.

“The Romanov’s story is extremely moving and it has never been told through the point of Alexei who was beloved and respected by all,” said Award-Winning Producer and Director Geoffroy Faugérolas. “Their tragic end deserves to be told so that we do not forget the details of one of the most powerful countries in the world. After the family was executed, the red army defeated the white army. Vladimir Lenin was in power to create the USSR.”

The Romanovs are being held captive by the secret police of the Bolsheviks, a communist party lead by Vladimir Lenin and under Yakov Yurovsky's watch. Alexei, the only heir of the throne that suffers from hemophilia and therefore, lives a very intricate life, where nobody sees his inner valor and strength.

It stars Mark Fitzgerald (Because These Kids Are, 2013 and What I Did Last Summer: Army Brat Blues, 2012, Christina Franco, (Barefoot, 2014, Anna Nicole, 2013 TV movie) and  Mark Moses, of Desperate Housewives and Mad Men, who was a high school quarterback in Evanston, Illinois and later got into NYU's Tisch School of the Arts and graduated with a degree in theater. He immediately landed a role in the Broadway production, "Slab Boys", with Sean Penn and Kevin Bacon, and was working off-Broadway and in regional theaters when he met Oliver Stone, who cast him as "Lt. Wolfe" in the academy award-winning film, Platoon (1986). Oliver also cast Mark in Born on the Fourth of July (1989) and The Doors (1991). He brings a lot of drama to the story and film Tsarevich. The film, which is inspired by a true story is being shopped for more investors and worldwide distribution. 
Red Guard Gregoriy (Steve Humphreys)
prepares the family transfer.
It’s a riveting, emotional and inspiring story of a young boy, suffering from hemophilia that fights prejudice to defend the one he loves. 

The powerful story touches everyone and has a great range of characters and emotional depth to it. The Tsarevich already raised interests in European and U.S markets and will be sent to festivals worldwide.

The film was also co-produced by Alena Burova and Camila Medeiros (Alice, 2013). You can find The Tsarevich fan page on Facebook:, too. This 2014 indie film is the one to watch this year in Hollywood.
Behind the scenes shot: in this scene - The Tsarevich (Michael Fitzgerald),
The Tsar ( Mark Moses ), The Empress (Cristina Franco), Grand Duchess Olga
(Anne Griffin), Grand Duchess Tatiana (Arina Khoryakova), Grand Duchess Maria
(Lizzie Zerebko) and Grand Duchess Anastasia (Ally Ioannides) waiting for the

Photos courtesy Producer and Director Geoffroy Faugérolas,