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Hollywood says goodbye to lendary Publicist Julian Myers at Hollywood Museum

 Legendary Hollywood Publicist, 96-year old Julian Myers, who promoted AmigoDay by winning six medals in one day at World Senior Meet in St. George, Utah was Memorialized today (Jan. 19, 2014) at the Hollywood Museum.
Julian Myers represented Elvis Presley, John Wayne, Gregory Peck, Cary Grant, Marlon Brando,Bette Davis, James Stewart, Mickey Rooney, Judy Garland and Marilyn Monroe, so it was fitting that the memorial was held at the Hollywood Museum, which has 10,000 artifacts on Hollywood, including Marilyn Monroe’s 1961 Cadillac Fleetwood Chauffeur car on display on the first of four floors. Julian Myers was a big supporter of the Hollywood Museum, where he brought many celebrities for red carpet events.
Jon Myers eulogizes his Dad Julian.
At the memorial this morning, several TV news interviews of Julian were played, including a KCBS TV interview, where Myers recalled, “helping Marilyn Monroe make it to the set for a morning shoot after the actress had been out late the night before partying at an event,” he said ‘I was the only guy trying to get her out of bed,” he joked, also explaining that he “was a happily married man.”
Myers died (Saturday, Dec. 21, 2013) last month just a few months after his wife of 43 years, Patsy Nanny Myers, who died in October, in Las Vegas.
His son, a well-known New York Publicists, Eric Myers, who was the memorial MC, said of his father, “Dad was a loving father, he adored us and supported whatever we did. He was that way with every kid he met, and that side of him was treasurable,” he said.
Julian Myers other son, Jon Myers talked about his Dad as everyone’s publicist if you knew him at all. “Julian was probably everyone’s best publicity agent,” he said. “If you knew my Dad you were represented. He did a phenomenal job not just for his family members, but for everyone. I have heard so many little stories over the past week on how Julian Myers helped so many people and made
them feel welcomed.”
Jon Myers said his father had so many accomplishments and if you took one thing like winning the senior Olympics, or teaching at LMU, UCLA or USC that would be enough for one’s career. “And if you look at what he did for the motion picture industry, he was a walking historical empire,” Myers said.
Myers said his Dad had a gift, “He was gifted with what I call the ‘other oriented.’ If you were with him, it wasn’t about him, it was about you. And he knew stuff about you and when he introduced you to someone else he would say, ‘this is what this person has accomplished’. He became known as his own publicity agent, who made everyone feel good around him,” Myers said.
Myers and his wife and partner, Patsy, trademarked AmigoDay nearly a decade ago and had been promoting it ever since. “Just greet anyone anywhere, your way, any month’s first Sunday,” he said. Myers, out of more than two dozen marathons, he competed in the California State Senior Meet at CalTech in Pasadena in track and field in his age group and won five first places and a second, “to popularize AmigoDay,” Myers said.
At an Entertainment Publicists Professional Society event honoring “Legends in PR”, Julian Myers was asked what’s missing in Hollywood? He responded, “We need to bring back gimmicks,” he said. Myers was no stranger to exciting the media and public with his publicity stunts. On his 90th birthday, he invited 390 of his friends to come to a deli in downtown LA, after running the 90 miles from San Diego to end his journey on the last day of the LA Marathon. Myers has won the most medals seven-years-in-a row at the Annual Huntsman World Senior Games track meet in St. George, Utah. At today’s memorial we learned his last run nearly ended his life, but he recovered after passing out in the arms of time event staffers at the end of the race.
Long time Julian Myers' friends
Aida Mayo, MAYO Communications
and Rita Werden, Film Publicity.
One of Myers' boosters was David Bowman, former actor in "Murder, She Wrote," "Dallas" and other TV series, who sometimes runs to support him on Myers' Marathons in LA and Las Vegas.
Myers competed in so many marathons all over the world, but his best marathon was surviving Hollywood for six decades of entertainment publicity, so it was only fitting that his memorial was held there today.
“We’ve had several memorial services, but this is one of the most heartfelt events we’ve had here at the Hollywood Museum," said Donelle Dadigan, founder & president, Hollywood Museum. “I want to tell the Myers family that you are so fortunate to have a great father, brother and grandfather. He was a lovely man,” she said.
“If you didn’t say anything, he could sit there and tell you interesting factoids and stories until after the sun set. He had such a rich career and I do believe it came from his personal caring. He was always so generous and helpful to us,” Dadigan said. “He was the real deal.”
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