Sunday, August 28, 2011

"The Debt" - An espionage suspense Nazi thriller features Sam Worthington and Helen Mirren Opens Wednesday

In 1965, three young Israeli Mossad agents on a secret mission capture and kill a notorious Nazi war criminal. Now, thirty years later, a man claiming to be the Nazi has surfaced in Ukraine and one of the former agents must go back undercover to seek out the truth.

The Debt, Directed by John Madden, opens Wednesday in theaters, and is an action packed thriller about Israeli Mossad agents hunting for a Nazi war criminal. The powerful drama and love story features Sam Worthington (star of Avatar), Jessica Chastain (The Tree of Life), and Marton Caoka (Lord of the Rings), The Tree, with Charlotte Gainsbourg). They’re the young Israeli agents sent to East Berlin to capture "the surgeon of Treblinka," which portrays them living secret and posing as an obstetrician. Ciarán Hinds plays Worthington's character, David, 30 years later, Tom Wilkinson has the part played by Csokas and Helen Mirren is the much older version of Chastain.  

The movie bounces back and forth in time, showing the dark secrets these characters have in common. And before things get ugly East Germany, the three young spies played by Chastain, Worthington, and Csokas feels like a James Bond movie with micro-secret codes, high tech gadgets, micro cameras,guns and plenty of many to man combat..

All the young characters each have their own demons and scores to settle, and they think this assignment will make everything even. But then we see what happens three decades llater.

The film was shot in London, Bucharest and Tel Aviv. The Debt was adapted from a Israeli movie of four years ago. According to AP “Matthew Vaughn (X-Men: First Class, Kick-Ass) wrote the original adaptation and was suppose to direct. Then Madden (Proof, Shakespeare in Love) came along,” and came to New Mexico to recruit Sam Worthington to do the movie.

It may not be the blockbuster “Best movie of the Year” but it will be the talk of the town  in Hollywood and could be a diamond in the ruff in one of the best movies of the summer. Two thumbs up! Enjoy.

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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

"Saving Private Perez" is one hilarious movie coming on September

Coming to movie theaters September 02, 2011
Sponsored by the Downtown Film Festival

(Courtesy Lemon Films)
Hollywood, CASaving Private Perez is one hilarious, must-see movie coming out September 2nd. A Mexican crime lord is forced by his mother to plan a suicidal rescue mission to find his lost brother in the most unexpected place on Earth.
It starts off funny and will keep you laughing throughout the movie by Lemon Films. The cast is great, the storyline is even greater.
Two thumbs on this one. If you don't laugh at the beginning I will buy your next popcorn. Directed and Written by Beto Gómez  and Francisco Payó González . It is already getting a little buzz on IMDB and in Social Media Circles.

I truly love this film, is so funny and also so exciting, something that most of Mexican movies today seem to have forgotten. Is also a powerful story about family, I don't think is about to sanctified criminals, is about bad people doing a good thing in the middle of a terrible war and a crazy world. Antiheroes are here to stay in movies, since the beginning of cinema. And the antiheroes of "Salvando al soldado Pérez" are well presented, displayed and put into action and a weird but very enjoyable trip. I hope Mexican cinema learns from this movie to think about what cinema-goers expect from a movie: to have a very good time! By the way, I loved the references to Sergio Leone's movies and all the cinephile paraphernalia, including "Scarface", "Star Wars", you name it!  (Maria Losa)

Here's the cast of characters: 

Gerardo Taracena...Carmelo
Joaquín Cosio...Rosalío
Jaime Camil...Eladio
Randy Vasquez...Lt. Diaz
Jesús Ochoa...Chema
Isela Vega...Doña Elvira de Pérez
Miguel Rodarte...Julian Pérez
Claudia Salinas
Veronica Falcón...Mujer Arabe
Adal Ramones...Benito García
Rodrigo Oviedo...Pumita
Guillermo Quintanilla...Delfino
Marius Biegai...Sasha Boginski
Michael Birnberg
Juan Carlos Flores...Juan Pérez Nomel
Gaston Peterson(as Gastón Manuel Peterson)
William Raymond...Willis
Leonardo Kourchenko...Himself
Roberto Espejo...Lucio
Kaveh Parmas...Ahmed Kubba
Alexander Minchenko...Yuri
Johnny Randall...Daily (as John Gerald Randall)
Alex Cervantes...Julian Pérez - niño
Michelle Marie Benoit...News Correspondent
Alfredo Herrera...Arab contact
Manuel Domínguez
Gerardo Ott...Pascual
Miguel Enrique Rodriguez...Carmelo - niño
Feel free to leave a comment about the movie or movie trailer your comments will be shared, thanks!

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Thursday, August 4, 2011

General Hospital Actress Julie Berman joins cancer survivors and Sun Born Natural Products Co. at American Cancer Society Relay for Life

MAYO supports American Cancer Society's Relay For Life.

General Hospital Stars roll up their sleeves to celebrate life of cancer survivors with a Relay for Life run to raise funds. $34,000 was raised on the opening day.
The American Cancer Society's Third Annual Relay for Life, Hollywood helped cancer survivors team up with their families and celebrities to honor those with cancer over the weekend ShareThis
image of Greg Yau, Catalina Rodriguez, Roland Ludlow
Greg Yau, Actress Catlina Rodriguez, Roland Ludlow
at Relay for Life event. 
Sun Born Natural Products Co. President Roland Ludlow and Herbal Balm Chi Creator Grandmaster Greg Yau donate Herbal Chi Balm to the second annual American Cancer Society’s Relay for Life this  over the weekend, (July 30-31, 2011.). This year's Relay for Life Team Captain is Cancer Survivor Tom Wilson:

Cancer surivors dressed in purple T-shirts, Hollywood celebs, and Councilman Tom Labonge joined the non stop walking around the clock to battle cancer. The American Cancer Society’s two day event in Hollywood ended Sunday.

image of Aida Mayo, Greg Yau, Lorielle New, Roland Ludlow, Marina Anderson
Aida Mayo, Greg Yau, Lorielle New, Roland Ludlow, Marina Anderson
Team members, armed with tents and sleeping bags, and gather at HelenBernsteinHigh School football field over the weekend for the overnight campout against cancer. Celebrities lines up for photo shoots with cancer survivors and several hung medals of honor over the knecks of long time cancer survivors.
Images of ABC TV's General Hospital Nancy Lee, Julie Berman and Lisa LoCicero kick of American Cancer Society Relay for Life ceremonies in Hollywood over the weekend.
(l-R) Nancy Lee Grahn, Julie Berman and Lisa LoCicero
(General Hospital) kick of Relay for Life over the weekend.
After soliciting pledges from friends, family, neighbors and colleagues, everyone took turns walking or running around the track and shared their experiences of courage, hope, and inspiration with each other.