Thursday, October 31, 2013

13th Annual Valley Film Festival kicks into high gear with drama, full feature and action films in mid November

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View the the trailer for all the excitement: teaser trailerIn the coming days The film experts and event coordinators we’ll be spotlighting all films screening at the 13th Annual Valley Film FestivalNovember 13-17, 2013. Today, we’re thrilled to share our feature film selections, all directed by local filmmakers.
VFF13 Opening Night Feature Film
 THE ACTIVIST (Thriller/90 min)
Directed by CYRIL MORIN
1973: Marvin and Bud, two Native American activists, are arrested at Wounded Knee. As the two work with a young lawyer assigned to their case, they are visited by a Nixon advisor, a senator, and a Hollywood star. (Trailer)
CAST: Chadwick E.Brown, Michael Spears, Tonanzin Carmelo,Circus-Szalewski, Alena Von Stroheim, Ron RoggĂ©, Henry Leblanc, King Orba, Anthony Palermo.
Spotlight on Islamic Cultures
VIRGINITY (Drama/94 min)
Directed by SAEED KHOZE
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hree women struggle in their social and cultural environments and face unforeseeable crises. Based on true events. (Trailer)
CAST: Steffen Nielsen, Maja Muhlack, Stine Kleist, Alexandra Ternstrøm
The Valley: After Dark
Directed by JOSH DRAGOTTA 
Satan’s Angel is a legend among burlesque dancers. Her legacy is filled with San Francisco counter culture, Las Vegas stage door Johnnies, and a sexuality she refused to closet. Angel has amassed four decades worth of fascinating, colorful, and riveting stories as she’s traveled the globe performing the art of burlesque. This unique film documents her love for the craft and preservation of burlesque as well as her love for her life partner Vic. (Trailer)CAST: Satan’s Angel/Angel Walker, Dixie Evans, Kitten Natividad
SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 16 @ 2:00PM – $12Documentary Double Feature
(A): AUTUMN OF ROUTE 66 (66 min) Directed by ESTER BRYM
A visually stunning experience that will leave you feeling like you traveled America’s oldest highway yourself. (Trailer) 
(B): BEAST WISHES (63 min) Directed by FRANK DIETZ and TRISH GEIGERA documentary about Burbank residents, Bob and Kathy Burns, the goodwill ambassadors of science fiction film fandom. (Trailer)
VFF13 Centerpiece Screening
 THE GOLDEN SCALLOP (Comedy/83 min)
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Every year since 1969 the best three fried fish restaurants in the northeast have competed in the Golden Scallop Championship. The 43rd annual pits a food truck seeking redemption, an aging former champion and a well financed, novelty friendly fish house against each other in the truest test of short order cooking mettle. Follow the excitement, hilarity, and chaos as “The Golden Scallop” tracks these teams from selection till the glory of victory or the agony of defeat. (Trailer)
CAST: James Cosmo, Nicole Steinwedell, Marnie Schulenburg, Brian Anthony Wilson, Tobias Jelinek, Joshua Koopman, George Kareman, Zack Robidas, John Albano, Sarah Taylor, David Neal Levin
Spotlight on Korean-American Cultures
INNOCENT BLOOD (Drama/100 min)
Directed by SUN W. KIM and

James Park, a retired detective turned college professor, is forced to face his dark past in order to find his son Cody’s kidnapper. (Trailer)
CAST: Jun Kim, C.S. Lee, Alexandra Chun, Justin Chon, Doug Jones, Trip Hope, James J. Caldwell
VFF13 Closing Night Feature Film
CINEMABILITY (Documentary/98 min)
Directed by 
This documentary examines the ever-changing portrayals of disability story lines in film, TV and the web to see if the media has had a hand in transforming the societal inclusion of people with disabilities.  (Trailer)
All 2013 Valley Film Festival screenings take place at the Laemmle NoHo 7
 5240 Lankershim Blvd., NoHo 91610

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Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Earth, Wind & Fire's former keyboardist Larry Dunn, Jon Barnes, Theresa King, Luis Montilla, Carlos Sanchez and other Jazz Giants rock the Catalina Jazz Club

Earth, Wind & Fire's Larry Dunn (middle) and Jazz giants.

HollywoodCA  – Legendary Los Angeles talk show host, MotherLove opened at the Catalina Jazz Club and introduced some very familiar names and sounds in Jazz Music.  

Jazz Master Jon Barnes teamed up with Earth, Wind and Fire’s Keyboardist Larry Dunn Tuesday, Oct. 1, 2013, Catalina Jazz Club. Barnes took command of the stage and orchestrated his an amazing mix of singers, bass, percussion and strings. 

Violinist Luis Montilla holds up a collectible and
signed coy of Earth Wind & Fire's hot 1979 Vinyl,
which includes the hit song, "Shining Star" that
launched the band over the top commercially.

The talented Barnes opened the evening with a slow jazz tune on the piano and played the trumpet in one hand while hit the piano keys with other in harmony. Later smooth Jazz Singer Theresa King and Singer Myra Washington rock the house with some familiar songs and even a Beatle tune, "Come Together", which sounded more like Tina Tuner rockin' out than Washington. 

Barnes recently performed at the Catalina Jazz Club (Aug. 2-3) with Arturo Sandoval and Skip Martin (Kool and The Gang former lead singer).The jazz trio performed at the daCarbo Jazz Festival this summer  The European tour was also filmed as a possible upcoming documentary. All were endorsed by the one of a kind daCarbo with exclusive signature carbon-made fiber trumpets with a trademark black style and light weight. More instruments are expected. Fyi, new concept cars are being manufacured out of the same materials to lighten the load.

Jon Barnes with Arturo Sandoval (right) at the Catalina Club. 
“Man, I wish my grandma was still alive, she wouldn't believe these famous people I've share the stay with," Barnes told the crowd at legendary jazz venue.
"She flip over if she heard me on stage with Earth, Wind & Fire's Larry Dunn," he said. "I'm gonna have to pinch myself later."

"I’m excited and living a dream," Barnes shouted
"I’m teaming up with the legendary keyboard man Larry Dunn, Theresa King, Brienn Perry, Myra Washington, Quentin Dennard and other great jazz musicians like LUis Montilla and Carlos Sanchez, so it don’t get any better,” he said. In case you missed and couldn't attend, here are some of the highlights:

Jon Barnes on Piano

Earth, Wind & Fire's Larry Dunn, Jon Barnes, Luise Montilla and Carlos Sanchez

Jon Barnes with Violinist composer Luis Montilla & friends -Latin Jazz

Jon Barnes with Earth, Wind & Fire's Larry Dunn & Friends (Hot Saxophone)

Jon Barnes & Myra Washington at the Catalina Jazz Club

Jon Barnes with Theresa King singing a classing song, "Take your There." 

Jon Barnes with Keyboardist Larry Dunn + Singer Brienn K. Perry & band

Barnes recently teamed with Dunn to performed music on the new album, the first in 12 years by Earth, Wind and Fire entitled, “Now, Then and Forever.”   
"Larry Dunn produced two songs on the record and also played on the other tracks.  he and I conducted, scored, and played on Whirlwind, written by Larry and Luisa Dunn and Hiroto Kobayashi," said Barnes.

">Jon Barnes composes music and performs on Earth, Wind
 and Fire's latest album, Now, Then & Forever.

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