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Remembering Chief Economist Jack Kyser - The Media's Go-To Business Friendly Expert


"Jack Kyser understood the media, he was always available, he never missed deadlines, and the media loved him because he would put complicated economic news and statistics in layman's terms. For more than 10 years we proudly worked with Kyser while he worked at LAEDC coordinating all the media relations and media placement. He was great friend and he will be dearly missed by all."   George Mc Quade, vice president, MAYO Communications.

Jack Kyser, dead at 76
Los Angeles, CA - I received a call early today
(Monday, Dec. 06, 2010), from a mutual long time friend, Wally Baker, who called me about the Legendary Chief Economist Jack Kyser. Wally had to tell me twice that Jack had passed away over the weekend.

Jack had missed a luncheon appointment, no phones were returned and newspapers were piling up outside his home, so Wally called 9-11, and firefighters went through a window and found him tucked in bed.
Jack Kyser was chief economist at the Los Angeles County Economic Development Corporation (LAEDC) for a long time (20 yrs.), and MAYO Communications has been the PR Agency of Record for LAEDC and Jack Kyser for the last decade, before he retired.

Jack Kyser, Nancy Sidhu and George Mc Quade
Jack's last Forecast study was last July, 2010. 
It was also my last photo of him (right).

He retired from LAEDC and moved over to Southern California Assn. of Governments (SCAG) as chief economic advisor for the largest planning agency in the country, with 190 cities, a half dozen counties and more than 19 million residents.  SCAG issued a statement in the morning. SCAG Co. Statement (more) 

For two decades Kyser, the chief economist at LAEDC was the go-to-expert on business, economy and anything that might have an economic impact. I will never forget two times that Jack really suprised us. 

The most recent is when LA Opinion called and asked if Jack Kyser could provide the economic impact of motorists stuck on the freeway for four hours (710 Freeway) during a bomb scare. Yes, he did. 

And three weeks before going to war in Iraq (the first war in 2003) Jack Kyser called me, and he was all excited about his new economic forecast and wanted to give me the highlights to pitch to the media. He was really good at summarizing 85 study pages into headlines, too. 

I had to break the news to him that unless it had anything to do with the "war" it would be hard to pique the media's interest. We brainstormed for 10 minutes more, then a light went off in my head.

I said, "Jack, can you do an economic impact of going to war?" He replied, "Yes, you want me to include that in the forecast?" And when he did, I changed the entire campaign theme and coined the phrase, "2003-2004 LAEDC Economic Warcast." The campaign resulted in another set of record media placement results.

During the 10 day lockout LAEDC and Jack Kyser, and MAYO Communications were the only ones talking to the media, providing economic impacts on the state and US of the busiest ports in the nation closed for a 10-Lockout or labor dispute. Kyser came up with $2 billion statewide, and $5 billion nationwide. The LAEDC story carried in every newspaper in the country over 19 days. 

And in late Summer of 2008, The media bombarded us with calls regarding the economic impact of the Writers Guild of America (WGA) Strike. Roll forward three months = 85 million media impressions, dozens of interviews daily and Jack Kyser came up with a newsworthy figure of $2 billion economic impact. 

In December, 2009 Jack Kyser was the last to use the "R" word , but when he did everyone knew we were in a recession, especially from the data he pruned and how he read everything showing the economic indicators.

For some 20 years as chief economist with the LAEDC, he was the go-to person for the media, business movers and shakers and elected officials who needed information and or real analysis of the local economy. 

Kyser appeared to often have a crystal ball on the economy, where no one else came close. Even the Wall Street Journal said Jack Kyser was, "one of the most accurate economists."

Aida Mayo (left) with her sister at a Beverly Hills
Charity event for breast cancer awareness.
Aida Mayo, the president of MAYO Communications loved him, because Jack Kyser would call us and diguise his voice speaking Spanish when she answered the phone. Not everyone knew he spoke Spanish, either.
"Jack Kyser would always joke on the phone pretending to be someone else speaking in Spanish when I answered the phone, because I'm from Argentina, but I would always catch him red handed, because I knew his voice. Kyser was always the voice of SoCal's economy, too, and we will all miss him a lot," Aida Mayo, president, MAYO Communications, Los Angeles, CA.  Memorial services are pending for Jack Kyser.

Comment from the Chair Maura O' Connor, of LAEDC Board of Directors.

The members of the LAEDC mourn the passing of our founding economist and our good friend. 

His passing is a loss personally, for the LAEDC, and for Southern California.

He was a great teacher of practical economics. He called trends long before others saw them coming, as the "guru of the Southern California economy".

Jack cared deeply about Southern California. He was our champion: a strong advocate for doing economically rational things to promote the region's businesses and jobs. 

While at the LAEDC, he helped us understand the local economy. As importantly, he helped us promote the LAEDC’s ultimate goal: to make sure everyone who wants or needs a job can get one.
Jack was kind as well as intelligent: a gentleman who treated everyone he met as important. 

We miss him.

Best regards,

Maura O’Connor
Chairman, Los Angeles County Economic Development Corporation
Partner, Seyfarth Shaw LLP

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Economist Jack Kyser Dies

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He really — there was no personal life and professional life for Jack Kyser. There was one life, and it was a fabulous one.” Kyser joined the LAEDC in 1991, ...

Economist Kyser dies at 76

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Jack Kyser, a Southern California economist who rose to become a leading authority on the region and its economic complexities, has died. He was 76. ...

Economic analyst Jack Kyser of Downey dies

Long Beach Press-Telegram - Karen Robes Meeks, Kristopher Hanson - ‎Dec 6, 2010‎
Kyser joined the Economic Development Corp. in 1991 and built its economic research practice from scratch, said Bill Allen, LAEDC President and CEO. ...

Jack Kyser Passes Away - ‎Dec 6, 2010‎
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Kyser was the founding economist of the LAEDC, which in February 2008 named its economics research department the Jack Kyser Center for Economic Research in ...

Economist Jack Kyser dies at 76

Daily Breeze - Muhammed El-Hasan - ‎21 hours ago‎
Nickelsburg added that Kyser raised the LAEDC's profile during his tenure there by adding economic analysis to the organization's outreach efforts and ...

Noted Southland economist Jack Kyser dies

Contra Costa Times - Dana Bartholomew, Kevin Modesti - ‎21 hours ago‎
In 1991, Kyser joined the fledging LAEDC and became its chief economist, mounting an aggressive campaign to transform it into the top economic research firm ...

Revered Southern California economist Kyser dies at 76

Pasadena Star-News - ‎Dec 6, 2010‎
LOS ANGELES - Jack Kyser, the former chief economist at the Los Angeles County Economic Development Corp. and an oft-quoted expert on the financial health ...

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Los Angeles Times Entertainment Editors Offer Insider Publicity Tips at EPPS Workshop in Hollywood. EPPS offers moment of silence for murdered Publicist Ronni Chasen

KPPC Public Radio records EPPS Pres. Henri Bollinger's
comments about long time publicist Ronnie Chasen who
was gunned down this week in Beverly Hills, CA.

Hollywood, CA - “She was a tough lady, but will always be remembered as one who was very protective of her clients as we should be,” said EPPS President Henri Bollinger, who had talked to the slain Publicist Ronni Chasen the day before she was gunned down in Beverly Hill, Ca. The Publicist was driving home on Sunset Blvd. from an after party and the premiere of Cher’s new movie “Burlesque”

Detectives believe it was a deliberate hit, when they discovered the publicist in her black Mercedes sedan, which had crashed into a light pole. Chasen had suffered five gunshot wounds to the chest.
“I was so traumatized that I realized that I was still only worried about an answer on a project, when a friend called and told me of her tragedy,” said Bollinger.

“It was then that I realized that we need to live for the day, and you can not always be concerned over what you believe is important or a benefit to me. It took the better part of the day to reconcile,” he said.

Bollinger offered a moment of silence at the LA Times Entertainment editors workshop after
his opening remarks at the ICG Local 600 Union Auditorium, Hollywood, CA.

(L-R) Randall Roberts, Joy Press, Elena Howe and Lisa Fung.

When contacting editors or pitching a story, the best advice comes from Panelist Lisa Fung, Online Arts and Entertainment Editor, LA Times.
Lisa Fung, LAT Editor

"Just forget that you have a phone, so email me your pitch and I will get back to you as soon as possible that's the best way for me to get back to you. I just received 80 emails sitting here," explained Fung as she deleted dozens of emails coming in during the event.

Online Arts and Entertainment Editor Lisa Fung says the best way to pitch everyone at the LA Times is by email. She currently oversees round-the-clock multimedia coverage of all arts and entertainment, including Calendar. The Envelope, Company Town and over a dozen blogs. To Reach her Lisa: 

Randall Roberts, pop music editor, LA Times said, "I rely on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, etc where there are a lot of thoughtful people who share stories, trends and ideas."

Randall Roberts, LAT
Roberts currently oversees all of the rock, pop, hip hop, electronic, world music, soundtrack and country coverage - basically everything except jazz and classical.

Before coming to the LA Times, Roberts served as music editor at LA Weekly. To reach him email is best at:

Pop Culture & Deputy Television Editor Joy Press also prefers email pitches from publicists. Press says they are always looking for good trend stories.

Press, before arriving at the Times, was the culture editor at, where she oversaw the entertainment, books and lifestyle sections and blogs.

Joy Press, LAT
She has written widely about TV, movies, music and all facets of popular culture. (

Elena Howe, The Envelope Editor says she does not Tweet and does "Faceboook only with friends," however she says it will be her "new goal in by the end of 2011."

The Envelope offers coverage of the Acamedy Awards, Oscar nominationis, Golden Globes, Grammys, Emmys, red carpet events, fashion, news, celebrity gossip and more.

Howe chronicles the highs and lows of the Hollywood award season as the editor of The Envelope.

Elena Howe & Lisa Fung, LAT
Howe was previously an assistant editor for SoCal Living at the LA Times and has  served as lifestyle and news editor at several California publications. (

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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Grammy Award winning singer/songwriter Ne-Yo will host a red carpet release party

  1. NEYO | Libra Scale | In Stores November 22

    Nov 22, 2009 ... Recording label site has a biography, photos, media samples and message board. - Cached - Similar

  2. Ne-Yo

    Closer - Year Of The Gentleman (Bonus ... - 2008 - 3:54
    Because Of You - Because of You - 2007 - 4:26
    Sexy Love - In My Own Words (Edited) - 2006 - 3:40
    So Sick - In My Own Words (Edited) - 2006 - 3:27
    Listen on: Rhapsody - Pandora

Hollywood, CA - Grammy Award winning singer/songwriter Ne-Yo will host a red carpet release party for his fourth studio album, Libra Scale this Saturday in Hollywood. This event will feature guest appearances by artist attending, presenting, performing and some nominated artist scheduled to attend the American Music Awards this weekend in Los Angeles. Music will be provided by the Listen Deep DJ's - DJ Coolwhip and Prophecy, the night will also have surprise performances and much more.

When: Saturday, November 20, 2010
10pm - 3am

Venue: The Highlands
6801 Hollywood Blvd., Hollywood, CA 90028

Tickets cannot be purchased at the box office for this event. You must purchase tickets online
Tickets Available: $30.00
VIP Table Reservations:
Additional Event Info Line: 818.903.2527

About Ne-Yo: 

Since his debut, Ne-Yo has had five top ten songs on the Billboard Hot 100 as a lead artist and two number-one albums on the Billboard 200. Ne-Yo has also amassed a catalog of chart-topping songs that he has written for other artists. In 2006, he released his debut album, In My Own Words, which contained the US number one hit "So Sick". Then in 2007, he released his sophomore album, Because of You which contained the US top 3 hit, "Because of You". In 2008, he released his third album, Year of the Gentleman, which contained the top 10 hits "Closer" and "Miss Independent". His fourth studio album Libra Scale is set to be released on November 22, 2010. Ne-Yo has so far released three singles of the upcoming album, "Beautiful Monster", "Champagne Life" and "One in a Million".

Promoted by King Ryan Events
Produced by IMP Entertainment

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Monday, November 8, 2010

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows is getting too scary for kids

USA, Earth - Harry Potter (WB Trailer) has captured the imagination and continues to take it all to the next level with it's next fantasy at the box office. Directed by David Yates, 
screenplay by Steve Kloves  and based on the novel by J.K. Rowling,

Remember those cereal TV ads, "Trix are for kids," ? This movie is not for kids, and it might just
create nightmares for some ages. Parents should be careful in thinking it's just another Harry Potter movie. It is an Action, Adventure, Fantasy and a Mystery feature movie,
that has power, magic and a teenage hero. 

This is the first of the two last movies for the entire series, corresponding to the first half of book 7. In this one, Harry, Ron, and Hermione go on the trek that Dumbledore sent them on to find and destroy all of the lost Horcruxes, but it won't be easy.

Harry, Ron, and Hermione are fugitives from the law when the Death Eaters have taken over the Ministry of Magic and there is a 10,000 galleon price for anyone who turns in Harry to the Death Eaters so Voldemort can kill him. The Dark Lord told all Death Eaters not to kill Harry because he wants Harry for himself.

Harry doesn't know what the horcruxes look like, where they are, and he doesn't have any means of destroying them. While Harry is on this quest, he keeps having little glimpses into Voldemorts mind and he sees that The Dark Lord is also on a quest, but Voldemort's quest is to find a wand that Harry has never heard of, and when Harry investigates this a bit, his leads take him to a mysterious story about "The Deathly Hallows". So, while Harry is looking for the Horcruxes and learning more about "The Deathly Hallows", he finds himself in more danger that he's ever been in before. And when danger calls, people die... and in the last thriller of the Harry Potter series, fight breaks out and a lot of people die, and you will be in tears during every minute of this movie only to be in even more tears when it's over.

The cast is awesome and reads like who's who in the land of Harry Potter:
Bill Nighy...Rufus Scrimgeour
Emma Watson...Hermione Granger
Richard Griffiths...Vernon Dursley
Harry Melling...Dudley Dursley
Daniel Radcliffe...Harry Potter
Julie Walters...Molly Weasley
Bonnie Wright...Ginny Weasley
Rupert Grint...Ron Weasley
Ian Kelly...Hermione's Dad
Michelle Fairley...Hermione's Mum
Fiona Shaw...Petunia Dursley
Alan Rickman...Professor Severus Snape
Carolyn Pickles...Charity Burbage
Ralph Fiennes...Lord Voldemort
Helena Bonham Carter...Bellatrix Lestrange
Helen McCrory...Narcissa Malfoy
Jason Isaacs...Lucius Malfoy
Tom Felton...Draco Malfoy
Timothy Spall...Wormtail
Graham Duff...Death Eater
Peter Mullan...Yaxley
Guy Henry...Pius Thicknesse
Arben Bajraktaraj...Dolohov
Rod Hunt...Thorfinn Rowle
Suzanne Toase...Alecto Carrow
Ralph Ineson...Amycus Carrow
Adrian Annis...Death Eater
Emil Hostina...Death Eater
Paul Khanna...Death Eater
Richard Strange...Death Eater
Anthony John Crocker...Death Eater
Peter G. Reed...Death Eater
Granville Saxton...Death Eater
Judith Sharp...Death Eater
Ashley McGuire...Death Eater
Penelope McGhie...Death Eater
Tony Kirwood...Death Eater
Michael Gambon...Professor Albus Dumbledore
David Ryall...Elphias Doge
Robbie Coltrane...Rubeus Hagrid
Brendan Gleeson...Alastor 'Mad-Eye' Moody
James Phelps...Fred Weasley
Oliver Phelps...George Weasley
Mark Williams...Arthur Weasley
George Harris...Kingsley Shacklebolt
Andy Linden...Mundungus Fletcher
Domhnall Gleeson...Bill Weasley
Clémence Poésy...Fleur Delacour
Natalia Tena...Nymphadora Tonks
David Thewlis...Remus Lupin
John Hurt...Ollivander
Frances de la Tour...Madame Maxime
Evanna Lynch...Luna Lovegood
Rhys Ifans...Xenophilius Lovegood
Matyelok Gibbs...Auntie Muriel
Eva Alexander...Waitress
Simon McBurney...Kreacher (voice)
Matthew Lewis...Neville Longbottom
Jon Campling...Death Eater
Devon Murray...Seamus Finnigan
William Melling...Nigel
Simon Grover...Death Eater
Freddie Stroma...Cormac McLaggen
Isabella Laughland...Leanne
Jessie Cave...Lavender Brown
Anna Shaffer...Romilda Vane
Josh Herdman...Gregory Goyle
Amber Evans...Twin Girl #1
Ruby Evans...Twin Girl #2
Katie Leung...Cho Chang
Georgina Leonidas...Katie Bell
Louis Cordice...Blaise Zabini
Scarlett Byrne...Pansy Parkinson
Afshan Azad...Padma Patil
Imelda Staunton...Dolores Umbridge
David O'Hara...Albert Runcorn
Steffan Rhodri...Reg Cattermole
Nick Moran...Scabior
Toby Jones...Dobby (voice)
Sophie Thompson...Mafalda Hopkirk
Daniel Tuite...Skinny Ministry Wizard
Daisy Haggard...Ministry Lift Voice
George Potts...Balding Wizard
Rose Keegan...Red Haired Witch
Ned Dennehy...Scared Man
Kate Fleetwood...Mary Cattermole
Danny Webb...Bushy Haired Muttering Wizard
Rade Serbedzija...Gregorovitch
Jamie Campbell Bower...Gellert Grindelwald
Hazel Douglas...Bathilda Bagshot
Adrian Rawlins...James Potter
Geraldine Somerville...Lily Potter
Miranda Richardson...Rita Skeeter
Michael Byrne...Gellert Grindelwald
Dave Legeno...Fenrir Greyback
Samuel Roukin...Snatcher
Warwick Davis...Griphook (as Warwick Davies)

This movie gets a thumbs up and an "A" just for managing all these egoes and
actors in the same movie. We need movies like these to forget our real life challenges.
Enjoy, it's an eye opener.
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