Sunday, September 29, 2013

Music Master Jon Barnes to rock the house with Earth, Wind and Fire's Larry Dunn and Theresa King at the Catalina Jazz Club Oct. 1.

Earth, Wind and Fire's Keyboardist Larry Dunn to perform
at the Catalina Club, Tuesday night, Oct. 1 with Jon Barnes and
Jazz Singer Theresa King.

Jon Barnes, who played with Arturo Sandoval and Kool and the Gang’s former lead Singer Skip Martin at the club and on tour in Europe returns Tuesday night for a one night blast of Jazz music

Hollywood, CA – Jazz Giant Jon Barnes teams up with Earth, Wind and Fire’s Keyboardist Larry Dunn Tuesday, Oct. 1, 2013, Catalina Jazz Club. Tickets are $25. Barnes will also take the stage with smooth Jazz Singer Theresa King for a one night performance at the legendary music venue.

Barnes recently performed at the Catalina Jazz Club (Aug. 2-3) with Arturo Sandoval and Skip Martin (Kool and The Gang former lead singer).The jazz trio performed at the daCarbo Jazz Festival this summer  The European tour was also filmed as a possible upcoming documentary.

Jon Barnes with Arturo Sandoval (right) at the Catalina Club. 
“I’m excited and living a dream to have the chance to play with such talented jazz and hit music masters as Sandoval, Martin and Theresa. And now from Kool and the Gang fame, I’m teaming up with the legendary Earth, Wind and Fire’s keyboard man Larry Dunn, so it don’t get any better,” he said.

Barnes recently teamed with Dunn to performed music on the new album, the first in 12 years by Earth, Wind and Fire entitled, “Now, Then and Forever.”   

"Larry Dunn produced two songs on the record and also played on the other tracks. he and I conducted, scored, and played on Whirlwind, written by Larry and Luisa Dunn and Hiroto Kobayashi," said Barnes.

">Jon Barnes composes music and performs on Earth, Wind
 and Fire's latest album, Now, Then & Forever.

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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Young actors learn to do more for the community at Ronald McDonald red carpet benefit

Several hundred people packed into a red carpet Pool Party this weekend (Sept. 14, 2013) to help launch the Actor Training In LA (ATLA) “Homecoming” of the Parent, Young Adult, Youth & Teen Expo, 2013. The event was free to actors, but each were ask to make donations of $40 to benefit the Ronald McDonald House Charities.

For the past five years, Owner Laurie Morella, Actor Training In LA has scheduled and managed classes, showcases, camps, workshops and intensive training for both youth and teen actors in the LA market.
Morella never thought she would make such a difference to so many parents and young actors’ lives. Morella move to LA in March 2008 with her daughter, Tabitha Morella, to help her in her acting career. Today, she’s helping hundreds of young actors and their parents make the transition in the entertainment industry, but hanging on to family values and quality of life issues.

“We want these young actors to relax and enjoy life, but on the serious side we wanted them to understand the importance of charity, which was why we picked Ronald McDonald House. One of my nephews was in there when he was a baby and so we picked that charity.”

Nadji Jeter
Grown Ups and Grown Ups 2
Laurie earned her Professional Actor Life Coaching Certificate through Fowler Wainwright International and has created a trusting and secure learning environment, where actors can master their skills and grow as individuals.

A laundry list of celebrities, mainly youth actors including Nadji Jeter (Grown Ups and Grown Ups 2) Justin Prentice (Malibu Country) McCarrie McCausland (Army Wives) Alicia Sixtos (East Los High) Aedin Mincks (A.N.T. Farm) Austin Mincks (Melissa and Joey) Zach Callison (Sofia the First) Jake Short (A.N.T. Farm) and many others came out to support the four hour event at the Marriott Burbank Airport Hotel & Convention Center, Burbank, CA.

“ATLA invited us, Looking Ahead Program, tonight to give the young actors an idea what we’re about,” said Education Counselor Laura Renae Campbell, Looking Ahead, Los Angeles. “A lot of these kids are on the set and constantly working in entertainment with peer pressures, so we allow them to take off their industry hat and just be themselves.”

Zach Callison (Sofia the First)
Looking Ahead programs help young performers and their families tackle the unique issues associated with working in the entertainment industry. The nonprofit supports young performers between the ages of nine and 18 in developing the values, skills and confidence they need to make successful transitions to fulfilling adult lives. Looking Ahead was developed in cooperation with the Screen Actors’ Guild (SAG) and the American Federation of Television and Radio Artists (AFTRA) Young Performers Committee.

Since 2003, The Actors Fund's Looking Ahead program has helped Southern California's young performers and their families address the unique issues associated with working in the entertainment industry.

The two day Burbank workshops allowed the actors to loosen up, go swimming and have fun. They also got the chance to meet some two dozen talent agent and learn how to improve on audition techniques, on-camera techniques, script analysis, building confidence, self-respect, manners and more importantly, how to succeed in Life.

“We pride ourselves in supplying the best teacher in LA, which consist of casting directors, casting associates, casting assistants, agents, managers and acting coaches and life coaches,” said Campbell.

"I am a professional life acting coach, educator, and organizer, I offer life coaching, acting classes, seminars and educational casting director workshops for actors to learn about their craft and to help them succeed in life,” explained Laurie Morella, ATLA. For more on ATLA visit:
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Monday, September 9, 2013

Operation Blankets of Love animal rescuer becomes a new LUSH Cosmetics Charity Pot

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LUSH Fresh Handmade Cosmetics unveiled over the weekend (Sat., Sept. 07, 2013), at the LUSH's comestics store, Wesfield Topanga shopping mall, Woodland Hills a new addition to its widely popular fresh hand and body lotions.
 “We are celebrating our newest member label placed on our hand and body crème, Operation Blankets of Love, which provides shelter, comfort and pet supplies to scores of shelters and organizations,” said Assistant Manager, Brittany Baima. “100 percent of the proceeds from the Lush Charity Pot lotion are actually donated to charity.”
LUSH store manager Hilary Pickles (left) with
OBOL founder Eileen Smulson (3rd from L),
Brittany Baima, LUSH and Aida Mayo (R). 

Charity is a huge part of what Lush does, too. According to Manager Hilary Pickles, “so far LUSH has helped 350 charities around the globe donating. $2.8 million to pay for fresh drinking water supplies, saving the environment and supporting animal welfare charities such as Operation Blankets of Love.”

The LUSH Westfield Topanga mall store donated $13,000 alone during Nov. and Dec., 2012.

“We're so happy that LUSH selected Operation Blankets of Love as their new Charity Pot products label,” said OBOL Founder Eileen Smulson, who was at the store with her dog,“Ginger" dressed in pink bows.

“OBOL is very proud to be supported by this wonderful organic, cosmetics industry leader, which has supported animal rights and rescue organizations like ours for more than 30 years," said Smulson.

OBOL Founder Eileen Smulson with a new
LUSH Charity Pot and OBOL Label.
"I’m humble to receive this donation to help continue our animal safety education for children ages three through high school,” she said. Smulson often brings her dog to school classrooms to illustrate how to humanely, treat and care for all animals.

LUSH'S contributions are accomplished with employee volunteers and through it sales of “fresh handmade natural cosmetics." The have a complete range of natural bath and body products, including natural soaps, bath bombs, hand and body lotions.

Because the products are so naturally rich and colorful, a quick stroll through a LUSH store looks more like a fresh bakery or deli with food shelves, than soaps carved into artistic and smooth designs. LUSH’s Charity Pot is 100 percent fair trade, organic cocoa butter from the Dominican Republic. It also has moisturizing almond oil and a sweet, soft ylang ylang fragrant.

“Charity Pot is so much more than a donation to charities,” said Hilary Pickles,
LUSH soap looks more like food to eat.
manager, LUSH, Woodland Hills. “The Charity Pot is made with the finest possible ingredients, so your skin will feel as soft as your heart.”
LUSH has been fighting against animal cruelty and lab animal testing for three decades. They buy ingredients only from companies that don’t allow tests on animals or humans.

The LUSH website says, “Fighting animal testing should be more than a slogan; it needs to be a genuine practice. Unfortunately, it’s become commonplace in the North American cosmetics industry to test products and their ingredients on animals in labs.”

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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Jazz Master Jon Barnes featured in YAHOO story on Concours d' Elegance and fiber made products

Jon Barnes featured on YAHOO!
at world renowned auto show –
next Catalina Jazz Club on October

Jazz Musician Jon Barnes is featured on YAHOO on an article just published on the Concours d’ Elegance, Pebble Beach auto show, where concept cars went on display for the first time in public. The 2014 Carbon Fiber made Porsche, 918 SPYDER was one the many show stoppers, too.
Shot of the new Porsche Concept car 918 Spyder at Concours d' Elegance
Jon Barnes at Concours d’ Elegance Porsche 918 Spyder exhibit. Barnes’ trumpet is made out of carbon fiber and so are the concept cars like the Spyder seen here.
Music instruments like the new, daCarbo Trumpets, are Swiss-made of carbon fiber material, too. Jazz Musicians Arturo SandovalSkip Martin (former leader singer, Kool and the Gang) andJon Barnes all have the trumpet, which is lighter than the standard trumpets. Barnes, who was standing next to the Porsche 918, blew some high notes on his carbon-fiber trumpet. For more about Jon Barnes music and latest developments visit:
Long shot of Catalina Jazz Club stage with Jon Barnes
Jon Barnes at the Catalina plays the new daCarbo trumpet with Arturo Sandoval and Skip Martin, Hollywood.
Oct. 1st, Jon Barnes returns with special guest Theresa King. Tickets are now on sale.
(click image above)
Jon Barnes is also schedule to play October First with a special Guest at the famous Catalina Jazz Club, 6725 Sunset Blvd., Hollywood, CA,90028. 
Last month fresh off a daCarbo Jazz Festival tour, Jazz Musician Jon Barnes teamed up with Grammy Award-Winning Arturo Sandoval  earlier this month (Friday-Saturday, Aug. 2-3), at the popular club and restaurant. 
Jon Barnes has been commissioned to write and produce music for Arturo Sandoval and his big band.
photo of album cover
Jon Barnes produced two bonus songs on the Earth, Wind & Fire new album entitle, NOW, THEN & FOREVER. 
Most recently Barnes has been spotlight on the new Album of Earth, Wind and Fire entitled,Now, Then & Forever. And over the weekend Jon Barnes at the Monterey County Fairgrounds with the famous‘TOWER OF POWER’ (You’re Still A Young Man”).
Jon Barnes with Tom E. Politzer, Tower of Power
Jon Barnes back stage with Tower of Power Tom Politzer on Saxophone, They played at the Monterey County Fairgrounds over the weekend. Jon Barnes,  Andi Keller, Tower of Power, Tom E Politzer, Official Tower of Power Band.

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