Tuesday, August 16, 2011

"Saving Private Perez" is one hilarious movie coming on September

Coming to movie theaters September 02, 2011
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(Courtesy Lemon Films)
Hollywood, CASaving Private Perez is one hilarious, must-see movie coming out September 2nd. A Mexican crime lord is forced by his mother to plan a suicidal rescue mission to find his lost brother in the most unexpected place on Earth.
It starts off funny and will keep you laughing throughout the movie by Lemon Films. The cast is great, the storyline is even greater.
Two thumbs on this one. If you don't laugh at the beginning I will buy your next popcorn. Directed and Written by Beto Gómez  and Francisco Payó González . It is already getting a little buzz on IMDB and in Social Media Circles.

I truly love this film, is so funny and also so exciting, something that most of Mexican movies today seem to have forgotten. Is also a powerful story about family, I don't think is about to sanctified criminals, is about bad people doing a good thing in the middle of a terrible war and a crazy world. Antiheroes are here to stay in movies, since the beginning of cinema. And the antiheroes of "Salvando al soldado Pérez" are well presented, displayed and put into action and a weird but very enjoyable trip. I hope Mexican cinema learns from this movie to think about what cinema-goers expect from a movie: to have a very good time! By the way, I loved the references to Sergio Leone's movies and all the cinephile paraphernalia, including "Scarface", "Star Wars", you name it!  (Maria Losa)

Here's the cast of characters: 

Gerardo Taracena...Carmelo
Joaquín Cosio...Rosalío
Jaime Camil...Eladio
Randy Vasquez...Lt. Diaz
Jesús Ochoa...Chema
Isela Vega...Doña Elvira de Pérez
Miguel Rodarte...Julian Pérez
Claudia Salinas
Veronica Falcón...Mujer Arabe
Adal Ramones...Benito García
Rodrigo Oviedo...Pumita
Guillermo Quintanilla...Delfino
Marius Biegai...Sasha Boginski
Michael Birnberg
Juan Carlos Flores...Juan Pérez Nomel
Gaston Peterson(as Gastón Manuel Peterson)
William Raymond...Willis
Leonardo Kourchenko...Himself
Roberto Espejo...Lucio
Kaveh Parmas...Ahmed Kubba
Alexander Minchenko...Yuri
Johnny Randall...Daily (as John Gerald Randall)
Alex Cervantes...Julian Pérez - niño
Michelle Marie Benoit...News Correspondent
Alfredo Herrera...Arab contact
Manuel Domínguez
Gerardo Ott...Pascual
Miguel Enrique Rodriguez...Carmelo - niño
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