Thursday, February 27, 2014

Grammy Nominee Liz Story dedicates music to animal rescuers Operation Blankets of Love and fallen firefighters

Liz Story
Liz Story, a Grammy Nominee with a big heart for charity like fallen firefighters and animal rescuer Operations Blankets of Love.
Grammy Nominee, Operation Blankets of Love’s friend and volunteer, Liz Story is playing a different tune today.
At a recent concert Liz dedicated her music to the 19 firefighters who died fighting an Arizona wildfire in June of last year.
Story is also dedicating her music to Alvin Atlas, a veterinarian who runs the Riverview Animal Clinic on U.S. 280 and to Operation Blankets of Love.
Pianist Liz Story paints myriad pictures with concert at Hoover Library Theatre.
Liz Story, a Grammy Nominee dedicates her music to fallen firefighters in Arizona and animal Rescuers Operation Blankes of Love. (Courtesy
 A native of California, Liz began her musical training as a young child, mastering Mozart’s Piano Concerto No. 11 by the age of 11. When her family moved to Germany during her teens, she added languages, philosophy, and poetry to her studies.  Story has great writeups, too in thenational and local media. 
On her return to the United States, she continued her formal piano studies at the Juilliard School of Music and also enrolled at Hunter College.  After hearing the jazz pianist, Bill Evans, one night at the Bottom Line in New York City, she decided to learn jazz piano and became a student of Sanford Gold, whom Evans recommended.
Later, after moving back to Southern California, she studied at the Dick Grove Music Workshops in Studio City. During her studies, she took a job playing piano in a restaurant and was suddenly thrust into improvisations when she discovered that the piano she was to perform on had no stand for her sheet music.  Over several months, these improvisations developed into compositions.
Liz Story sits with legs cross for photo on MAYO Communications
Liz Story, a Grammy Nominee and Corporate Social Responsibility musician who dedicated her music to 19 fallen firefighters in the Arizona Wildfire and Operation Blankets of Love.
When Windham Hill’s founder, Will Ackerman, heard a tape of her compositions developed from her improvisations, he signed her to record her debut album in 1983, “Solid Colors”.   Liz has since recorded:
* Unaccountable Effect, 1985
* Part of Fortune, 1988
* Speechless, 1989
* Escape of the Circus Ponies, 1990
* My Foolish Heart, 1992 (reissued 2009 by Valley Entertainment)
* The Gift, 1994
* Liz Story, 1996
* 17 Seconds to Anywhere, 1998
* Welcome Home: The Very Best of Liz Story, 2001
* Night Sky Essays, 2005
* Pure Liz Story, 2006
Liz Story recently signed with DMI after recording a number of best-selling, critically acclaimed albums for Windham Hill and RCA Records. Those releases highlighted her classical piano background, fused with a wide range of styles embracing jazz, folk, pop and impressionistic music.

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