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Ilchi Lee presents Change The LifeParticle Effect film premiere, LA Live


Los AngelesCA- "CHANGE - THE LIFEPARTICLE EFFECT" documentary on July 20, 2013 at the Regal Cinemas.
NY Times best-selling author
and film director 
Ilchi Lee
shakes hands with
Scientific Thinker 
Author Howard Bloom, NY.

The film premiere was by Ilchi Lee, a respected educator, mentor, author and innovator. Lee has devoted himself to developing the awakened brain and teaching energy principles through numerous mind-body-spirit practices. He has written 34 books, including the New York Times bestseller, The Call of Sedona: Journey of the Heart. His newest book "LifeParticle meditation, a practical guide to healing & transformation," is a companion to the film, where his autographing session attracted long lines around the hallways at the Regal Cinemas, LA Live, downtown Los Angeles.

Following the one-hour CHANGE documentary, Lee illustrated how positive energy awakens the brain. Everyone was handed two, two-inch, spiral
Author/Film Dir. Ilchi Lee
magnets for his energy demonstration.

“It takes energy to be happy,” Lee told the packed theater. “It also takes energy to be unhappy, but you want to be happy right?” Everyone shouted back, “YES!”

Later Lee had people dancing in their chairs to a disco style music video. Television (youtube) interviews:  

A similar film premiere was held in Pasadena, CA, too.

Ilchi Lee was born, Lee Seung-Heun on December 23, 1950. He’s a South Korean author and the founder of a variety of mind-body training methods, including Dahnhak (丹学), Dahn yoga, Brain Respiration, Brain Education, and DahnMuDo. 

Lee began teaching his methods in a park in the 1980s, and since that time the practice has developed into an international network of for-profit and non-profit entities. For more about Ilchi Lee and his upcoming tours, projects and books visit:

Ilchi Lee, executive director, "CHANGE"
ABOUT Ilchi Lee from his website: (

“Ilchi” is the name Ilchi Lee chose for himself nearly 30 years ago, following a life changing spiritual experience. “Il ()” means “one” and “chi ()” means “finger.”

“Ilchi” refers to the index finger, indicating “pointing the Way.” “The Way,” referred to as the “Tao,” is considered the essence of Oneness, the natural order of existence. Embracing the Korean Taoist tradition, known as Sun Do, Ilchi Lee awakened to the universal principle that humanity is connected to the Cosmos, the Earth and all of creation.

Born to a family of educators in South Korea during the Korean War, Ilchi Lee
(L-R) Aida Mayo Marsha Takamiya,
Singer Karen Stella Jane and Jade Kim.
had severe learning disabilities. Though he graduated from high school, he was not able to pass his college entrance exam. This concerned his father, who blamed himself for failing to educate his own child and retired early.

lchi Lee was born in 1950 in Cheonan (천안 天安), South Korea. His father was a teacher, yet he reports having struggled in school due to his inability to focus and a preference for imaginative play. Later in life, he would identify himself as having overcome Attention Deficit Disorder through rigorous physical and mental training.

He suggests in his books that these early experiences formed the foundation of the brain-based training techniques he would develop later in life.

Aida Mayo and Scientific Thinker and Author Howard Bloom, NY, at the
book signing after the Film premiere of 'CHANGE'.

In his adolescence he turned to the martial art Taekwondo (태권도 跆拳道) to help calm his restless mind. He eventually earned a fourth-level black belt and opened a successful martial arts studio.

He took the first term of Taekwondo master education hosted by Kukkiwon in 1972. After he graduated from Dankook University (단국대학교 檀國大學校) in 1977 with a B.S. degree in clinical pathology and physical education, he opened a health clinic, which according to his own account did well. Lee later married and settled down to raise a family.

For more info about Ilchi Lee visit: 
For more about his upcoming projects visit:

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Friday, July 5, 2013

The renowned jazz musician Jon Barnes, endorsed by a Swiss horn maker, is on a European Jazz tour and on a U.S. Postal Service and La Poste of France stamp with Miles Davis

Buddy Princeton and Jon Barnes on the red carpet.
Legendary trumpet player Jon Barnes introduced his one-of-a-kind carbon fiber Swiss  made horn. He is featured on the new US Postal stamp honoring #Miles Davis. #KubaKa and legendary #BuddyPrinceton (#JacksonBrown music) and others in Beverly Hills at the 6th Annual Urban Music Executives Toast  at the House of Entertainment, Beverly Hills, CA last night. For photo highlights visit

Jon Barnes Jazz Festival Monster Cable Dacarbo NAMM 2013  Festival Sponsored by Monster Cable, Dacarbo Trumpets in Europe.

Buddy Princeton (left) and Jon Barnes
MAYO Communications announced today (Friday) it has teamed up with Jon Barnes, a world class musician, who played in the movie "Dirty Dancing". He is also a writer, composer, producer, businessman and educator. Although his principal instruments are trumpet and piano, Barnes also plays all and teaches all instruments. Growing up in Baltimore, he started studying trumpet in church and elementary school. He was inspired by Louis Armstrong and Miles Davis. MAYO Communications has been retained to promote Barnes music, tours and a new one-of-a-kind horn made out of carbon fiber, the bell is made entirely of carbon fiber and the trumpet body is a Spiri Vario. The carbon fiber bell can be changed with a regular brass bell designed for a Spiri Vario. It’s lighter and has a unique sound. Currently, Barnes is on European tour at the DaCarbo Jazz Festival. He's joined by Arturo Sandoval, lead vocalist, Skip Martin 

of Kool and the Gang for “A Tribute to Louis 
Armstrong Jon Barnes von Earth Wind and Fire 
LIVE erleben in Bärnbach” event.  The tour is also 
being filmed as a documentary. Barnes has played, tour and or recorded with other music giants such as 
Justin Bieber, Arturo Sandoval, Gerald McCaulley, Billy Preston, Gerald Albright, Temptations,
 Four Tops, Smokey Robinson, Tom Scott, Chris Botti, Gary Bias,  Brenda Russell, 
Little Anthony and the Imperials to name afew. He has managed to create his own music 
curriculum,Kids Music, which allows children to learn about musicwhile 
simulating the playground experience. 
Barnes is also featured on a new limited edition of a U.S. Postal 
stamp Celebrating Miles Davis music. Last month we caught up 
with Barnes on the red carpet of an event in Beverly Hills.  
Singleton Entertainment Corporation celebrating the 6th Annual Toast to Urban Music  Executives: A Black Music Month Celebration Wed, June 26, 2013. Former President of Urban Music, MCA
Records, Ernie Singleton, CEO of Singleton Entertainment Corp. 
saluted Industry Executives: Eric Belinger- Grammy-winning songwriter for Chris Brown and USHER. The place was so packed it is unknown if Brown or USHER were inside. Also honored: Cynthia 
Horner, Hip Hop Weekly; Steve Lobel, A2Z Entertainment; Tammy Mac, KJLH and Mathew 'Boi-1da' Samuels Grammy-winning 
producer for Drake and Kanye West.
MAYO Communications, whose first client was Stevie Wonder, is no stranger to launching celebrity and music events. Late last year, MAYO launched Online music format Global Onslaught–Australia-UK in America.  The celebrity red carpet fundraiser for animal rescue charity featured a tour with independent rock bands: October Rage, Throwdown Syndicate, Overspill, Annie Lovell, March Into Paris and others. 
Singer Vicki LizziJon BarnesKuba Ka and  Buddy Princeton and the Incorruptibles.
Guest appearances included, Toto’s leader singer Bobby Kimball and Buddy Princeton and the Incorruptibles. For more about MAYO visit: and

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