Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Watchmen Premiere closes Hollywood Blvd., but is a real eye opener

One of the of the most talked about movies is one of the longest at the box office, and with a near three hour showing (2 hrs. 40 min.) you won’t be able to get too many time slots in theaters. The premiere this week was a better show than the movie. WATCHMEN opens this weekend and one of the most hyped movies this year.

Actor John Voight & Actress Sol Romero

They closed Hollywood Blvd.,the carpet was yellow, but matched the theme of yellow posters and smiley face buttons with a drip of blood on them. The cast and crew showed and so did the paparazzi at the Chinese Theater.

Sol Romero and Jesse Metcalfe
at the U.S. Premiere of "Watchman
Grauman's Chinese Theatre, Hollywood.

The $150 million production was a cross between last year’s superhero movie and blockbuster, The Dark Knight and Spiderman. Maybe a little more violent, and sometimes downright scary. The acting was not as good as Dark Knight, either, but we shouldn’t compare.

Director Zack Snyder (300) brilliance almost copied the blood splattering and bone crushing witnessed in his previous movie. Lots of sex, (blue man frontal nude) politics, kissing, punching, kicking and a near holocaust.

The most anticipated movie of 2009 and adaptation of Alan Moore's graphic novel made a few people; many movie critics squirmin their seats during some of the extremely violent scenes. I would not recommend it for my teenage sons, but knowing the kind of violent games in God of War 3-5, and violence on TV, it will be a must see flick of their classmates.

Actress Sol Romero

The action scenes were unbelievable and seemed to wear you out just watching them (felt good, though).

The show includes scenes with then President Richard Nixon, who is faced with blowing up the world, or being blown up. An elite group of older masked crime fighters – barred from fighting anymore– emerge and reactivate their team to fight the Cold War. Hang on to your popcorn and your seat, because the movie starts with one heck of a violent opener, and it also explains the happy face button, too, handed out at the premiere. Lots of media on the carpet for the cast (a block long).

Much to our delight there were other celebs attending, including Actor John Voight (National Treasure) and Actress Sol Romero, who just finished a movie with Mel Gibson, The Edge of Darkness, directed by Martin Campbell (Casino Royale).

Despite the nude blue Superman Doctor Manhattan (Billy Crudup) unexpected behavior and God-like appearance, and all the violence, overall I enjoyed the movie. These kind of movies need to be long to get in the action scenes.

I would recommend this movie for action thrill seekers over the age of 19. I really hope they get at least $100 million dollars at the box office and have a huge weekend opener, but please leave the kids home. We need lots of movies more movie companies to stay and film in LA to keep the economy going, and fans going to the box office.

Here are more than 100 photos of the Watchmen cast and crew from the premiere.

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