Friday, September 18, 2009

“Evening Before Evictions?” - Industry Members to Rally at MPTF “Evening Before” The Emmys© Event

Entertainment community, residents and families to call for  a dedicated fundraising campaign to save the “Nursing Home to the Stars”

             (Images courtesy of Savng The Lives of Our Own)

Los Angeles — Despite its mission to ―"Take Care of Our Own," the Motion Picture Television Fund is refusing to direct any portion of the monies raised at a lavish fundraising gala tomorrow night (Sturday, Sept. 19, 2009), to save its long-term care facility, also known as the ―"Nursing Home to the Stars," leaving close to 70 elderly and infirm residents at risk of deadly transfer trauma.

Concerned members of SAG, Teamsters Local 399, AFTRA, the WGA, DGA, IATSE and others will gather tomorrow night for a candlelight vigil outside the extravagant party to bring attention to the impending closure, now announced for Thanksgiving, and to inform attendees that the funds they’ll be donating that night will NOT go directly towards keeping the nursing home open.

The remaining elderly and infirm residents and their families continue to be subjected to the emotional and physical trauma of forced relocation. Melody Sherwood’s mother, Kay Meyer, 94, ― "is in a panic believing she’s going to be thrown out because she personally owes 10 million dollars." "Sherwood, a retired studio worker, continues, ―She always believed that this was going to be her Home for life."

Who: Members of SAG, Teamsters Local 399, AFTRA, WGA, DGA, IATSE and other concerned union and community members

When: 7:30 PM – 10:00 PM

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Where: Century Park

1940-2000 block of Century Park East
(between Constellation and Olympic Blvd.)
Century City, CA 90067

Saving the Lives of Our Own is a grass-roots coalition of Entertainment Industry workers, long-term care residents, their families and community members. Our mission is to keep the MPTF long-term care facility open, to stop the evictions of its elderly residents and to ensure that the MPTF promise of “Taking Care Of Our Own” remains unbroken – now and for future generations.

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