Saturday, October 31, 2009

One of Hollywood's most known entertainment publicists wins a half dozen track medals

World senior winner of most track medals is Hollywood Publicist 91-year old Julian Myers, who promotes AmigoDay by winning six medals in one day at World Senior Meet in St. George, Utah

"AmigoDay: Just greet anyone anywhere, your way, any month's first Sunday"

--> Everyone has a shining light in their small circle of friends, mine happens to also be my Hollywood Mentor Julian Myers, who last year invited me to his 90th birthday, where he invited 390 of his closest friends to celebrate his own marathon-90-miles from San Diego To LA only to end on the same day as the LA Marathon in downtown LA. Myers is one of a few people who still has a few gimmicks up his entertainment publicity sleeve and he's not afraid to take the calculated risk that always pays off. Myers has a passion for friends, publicity, mentoring, teaching, running and most of all for living. He's a true entertainer and publicist. Myers is always entertaining, never a dull moment and always smiling radiating his energy that is infectious.
Co-founder of AmigoDay, Myers, recently competed in six track and field events (Oct. 06, 2009), in the Huntsman World Senior Games in St. George, Utah. He won six medals, most won in any sport.
At a recent Halloween party over the weekend Julian Myers talks about his trip to Utah:

"I'm saluting this event, because it welcomes women and men from all over the world," explained Myers. "To show AmigoDay's admiration I participated in the Javelin throw, long jump, and four running competitions, the 50, 200, 800 and 3,000 meter races."
Six is the maximum number a woman or man is allowed to enter. Myers won the 3,000 Javelin and long-jump, and was second in the three other running. Six events are most anyone is permitted to enter in track and field.

Myers and his wife and partner, Patsy, trademarked AmigoDay six years ago, and have been promoting it ever since. They won't accept any personal contributions, but they believe some organizations or corporation  will realize the potential of the concept and want to sponsor it in their own ways.

One of Myers' boosters is David Bowman, former actor in "Murder, She Wrote," "Dallas" and other TV series, who is now president of the international Assn. of Consulting Firms and runs to support him on Myers' Marathons in LA and Las Vegas. Myers has competed in 25 marathons all over the world and competes again on March 31st in LA. He'll warm up in the Vegas half-marathon before that on Dec. 6th. 

Julian Myers career started with Marilyn Monroe, Gregory Peck, Bette Davis and James Stewart, but hasn't written a book on his career, yet. I think I would be the first buy his books and would enjoy publicizing it for him.

I first met Julian Myers when I was on the board of Entertainment Publicists Professional Society (EPPS). When I ran for president and was elected 2006, one board member wanted to replace him, because they thought he was too old. I told that board member, if Julian leaves the board I will resign or step down as EPPS president. "He's a Hollywood institution and valuable to our organization," I remember explaining to this less experience publicist. Myers remained on the board and he was always and remains an inspiration
in everything he has worked on. Keep trucking Julian, you bring energy and inspiration to the entertainment industry and publicity business.

By the way I should mention, the next time you feel like you've walked or jogged too far, consider this  just for a moment and you'll be inspired to run more....Julian Myers tells me he still runs six miles every morning on the beach at age 91. We'll all be happy if we can just walked up hill at half his age. 

Congratulations on this month's marathon in Utah and good luck in March!

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