Thursday, July 8, 2010

Michael Lohan - Linsay Lohan's Dad Drops the "F" Bomb Live on Fox News (ouch) And Mel Gibson's battle with former love - Oksana Grigorieva - heats up

Just when we thought we had heard it all on Television, along comes a family of celebs that may have cross the lined in describe the thoughts verbally and visually.

First Lindsay Lohan gets grilled in court, cries when she hears a mandatory 90 days in jail for breaking probation not once, but twice. And as the TV news anchors would say.. NOW THIS...

After Lindsay Lohan is caught with F--K U vividly painted on her fingernails and labeled the judge who threw the book at her a "F------G  King Bitch", her Pops popped a real eye opener live on Fox News.

The live interview was not blipped on "Studio B" with Fox TV News Anchor Shepard smith when Michael Lohan blurted out "F- -K" live on the air when Smith had asked him why he was going on television and partying the same night his daughter had been sent to the slammer for three months.

"I don't think a lot of parents understand the way you conduct yourself," Smith said. Referring to pictures of Lohan smiling at a restaurant, he said, "I think a lot of [people] are probably saying, you know, if you'd done half this much to try to help your daughter..."Seconds later Daddy Lohan let loose on the family network news channel, but apologized afterthe F bomb slipped through the censors at Fox.
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Meantime, another celebrity  -  Mr. Lethal Weapon, who's no stranger to Hollywood's gossip columns is in hot water again. Mel Gibson has learned from  agent William Morris Endeavor Entertainment they are dropping him this week due to allegations that he assaulted and made death threats against his ex-girlfriend.Gibson's former longtime agent, Ed Limato, died in early July.

According to NY Daily News sources, the only reason why William Morris Endeavor Entertainment represented the foul-mouthed "Braveheart" star was because of his relationship with Limato.
"Mel was really important to Ed," the agency source said. "He was with him for 32 years and I think Ed saw him as a son."
The agency's partner, Ari Emanuel, had previously expressed dislike for Gibson after he made anti-Semitic remarks following a DUI arrest in 2006.
Studio execs said many agencies felt uneasy about taking Gibson on in light of the recent allegations.
"I'd rather get engaged to Lindsay Lohan than have anything to do with him," one studio chief said.
The actor reportedly was caught on tape launching into a racist, profanity-laced tirade aimed at his former flame, Oksana Grigorieva, the latest and ugliest development in the couple's heated legal battle.
"You're an embarrassment to me," Gibson told Grigorieva, according to gossip site "You look like a f---ing pig in heat, and if you get raped by a pack of n---ers, it will be your fault."
Gibson's spokesman could not be reached for comment.
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