Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Media, photographers, videographers walk the red carpet in Beverly Hills

Beverly Hills, CA - As promised in earlier posts, I would update you on my first ever David Harrison Levi event. I have been to a lot of celebrity charity events, and this one was definitely unusual, one of the more friendly events I have attended, because what I noticed is what most people don't. As a former working member of the TV, radio and print press I am more sensitive to the media needs. What I saw was a very relaxed group of media representatives up and coming celebrities and veterans in Hollywood. I also felt more like I was at a family reunion (even though I knew no one except a handful of folks) at the event which was to make everyone aware of breast cancer prevention David Harrison Levi never asks for money and yet he has some many people in the entertainment circles who support him, he is an amazing creature, who has lost his sister to breast cancer. My sister nearly died, too, but she caught it early. I am grateful for folks like David who said, "If nothing else by attending this event and you happened to remind a woman to get a check up for breast cancer, you have saved a life," said Levi. Every time I tried to leave the event, because yea I had somewhere else go, it got more interesting.

Beverly Hills, CA - Now here's a guy who really has his act together. David Harrison Levi, the guy in the video with the microphone is a champion of breast cancer awareness. Not since Luis Van Amstel, ABC's DAncing with the Stars help in MAYO's MAMMOJAM 2010 earlier this summer have I seen a philanthropist attract such a great crowd for a good social cause. He has a passion for helping keep the fight going, and we should all support him. Enjoy, and we welcome your comments here. Thx. George @MAYO PR

Inside, the DJ spun records and a lovely Irish Lady (Actress, Dancer and Singer) by the name of Mags McCarthy sang and tapped dance, of course I had to shoot more pictures, remember this was unusual for
these kind of events.

The restaurant was lovely, but I was so busy meeting and greeting people, I forgot to try the food. But hey, there will be an event every two weeks at the Villa Blanca now thanks to David Harrison Levi. So stay tuned, and don't forget to get your mammogram ladies, and guys its not fun, but I have a paramedic friend who found out the hard way what it's like to have prostate cancer treatments. You don't even want to go there or hear what I heard. I will try to capture the next event for charity, and if you have a charity event contact MAYO Communications, and be sure to visit our Facebook Like Page, too, where you can post your events or post them below here, thx. Geo.