Thursday, November 4, 2010

Actress Angela Bassett and Angela Kinsey say women are making progress in film, music and social media and Hollywood's Celebs agree

The slide show above is the highlights of the LA Femme Film Festival 
fpir-day event. (Courtesy MAYO Communications and MAYO PR) 

Hollywood, CA - When asked,  "are women making progress?" Celebs look at me funny, but just a few years ago, that's all they talked about. Now, visiting for the first time the LA Femme Film Festival, I was lucky enough to catch up with Actress Angela Bassett (What's Love Got to Do with it; Green Lantern, 2011) and Angela Ginsey (NBC The Office), who were both up for awards for their break through in everything from "Establishment to Image" categories. 

So, again I got interesting responses from both when I asked, are women making progress, at the LA Femme Film Festival, film by women, but an event open to the public.

Angela Bassett had this comment:

Angela Kinsey in an exclusive Interview said she was surprised, but elated to recieve the LA Film Festival "New Establishment Award." Broadband Emmy winner Angela Kinsey portrays the feisty, tightly-wound head of accounting “Angela Martin” at Dunder Mifflin on NBC's critically acclaimed show The Office, voted television’s best comedy ensemble by the Screen Actors Guild for the second year in a row. 

Kinsey's television credits include, All of Us, Run of the House, King of the Hill, Mad TV, Mind of Mencia and Monk. Kinsey has been a member of The Improv Olympic Theater for the last nine years and continues to perform in their notorious 

The Armando Show. Recently appointed the new face of Clairol. Kinsey can be followed on her site.
I also posed the question to Angela Kinsey
who responded this way:

Another topical item since I just wrapped up a social media expert, I brought in some of the best in the Hollywood to talk about it's importance like Actor,
Comedian Brian Vermeire   Vegan 101 Series Regular,Without Prejudice? (TV series) Vermeire (AFTRA) wears many hats in the Entertainment Industry as a writer, producer, executive producer, host and actor for various networks/production companies such as FOX, The Disney Channel, The Family Channel, Vin DiBona Productions and HombreTV. 
 Who said, "social media is critical to every campaign."

Also on the social media panel "How to market and sell your film via social media, and also on the red carpet was Actress Kristina Hughes (Boston Legal, Green River , The Resolve (TV series), who was kind enough to elaborate on
the subject. 
Kristina is the co-founder of Holdon Log – “The Standard in Performer Organizational Tools” (; the leader in business and marketing products and services for the Entertainment Industry. Kristina’s acting credits include appearances in numerous network, studio and independent projects like Boston Legal, Old School and Green River. Look for Kristina in the soon-to-be-released interpolated rotoscoped film, Helicon and the mega-hit series The Resolve and Vegan 101.
There were other lesser known folks, but just as
talented for women in film, such as Michele Martin,
"Assisting Venus" Writer/Producer Michele Martinez
@La Femme Film Festival.

And ABC's Dancing with the Stars, Singer Carmen Carter also had a great observation on how women are making progress in music and dance:

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