Wednesday, December 28, 2011

NON COMPOS MENTIS Premiere sold out

A low budget film with no cheap shots or tricks
The newly remodeled Independent Theater (251 S. Main, downtown Los Angeles) is doing quite well if premieres and attendance are any indication. It was standing-room only last night (12-27-11) with a crowd lined up from the red carpet walk to the outside sidewalk for the premiere showing of NON COMPOS MENTIS: or Jerry Powell and the Delusions of Grandeur. Inside the two story theater self-taught underground filmmaker and musician Director/Writer Mike Cuenca wiggles his way through the elbow-to-elbow movie goers and stars to lead the select cast and crew onto the red carpet.
There were no cheap tricks in this low budget movie ($500), which was shot in 31 days. To hear the behind the scenes stories from Director/Writer Mike Cuenca and lead star Joe Halter makes it sound more like a western in the desert than a comedy drama. “The biggest challenge was shooting the movie in a month with a budget of only 500 bucks,” said Ceunca on the red carpet.  “But even more grueling was wearing sweaters and sweating in heavy jackets in the summer time to shoot a winter scene. It was 90 degrees and awful, but worth it.” This story was first published on
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