Wednesday, June 6, 2012

FRAY explores the life of a Marine who returns home to face new struggles

Dancing With Films Festival - Chinese Theatre

Chinese Theatre rolled out the red carpet for the cast and crew of FRAY at tonight's (June 06, 2012) premiere of a true-to-life drama of a Marine's new struggles when he returns home. The award-winning feature movie stars Bryan Kaplan,  Marisa Costa and  Catherine Johnson.

Directed by Geoff Ryan, who received "Best Narrative Feature" award at the 2012 Arizona film Festival for his first feature film. The movie will be spotlighted at the Dances With Films, Los Angeles. CA tonight. It comes off of an event Tuesday at the Brooklyn Film Festival, Brooklyn, NY. Also, look for this enlightening eature film to be a the East End Film Festival, London, UK in next month.(July 2012).
Talk about a feature film imitating life. Every soldier that returns home from Iraq will be able to relate to this movie in one form or another. It is a drama-packed film right out of today's headlines. It was the opening film for the 2012 Arizona Film Festival earlier this year. "The hardest part was dealing with the elements, and ensuring that we follow military procedures in handling a gun," said Bryan Kaplan, who said he studied many veterans before shooting his part in the movie. The weather was a little cold, because it was shot in Oregon in March.

During the Q/A session Director Geoff Ryan said, "We got lucky and found a house where several vetarns were living nearby, and they helped us a lot in making sure the movie was an accurate protrayal of US Marine coming home.
Bryan Kaplan (far right) plays the U.S. Marine. Also
pictured Jarin Blaschke, Producer Jodi 
Redmond with
 her four-month old daughter and Director Geoff Ryan.
Upon returning from combat, a young U.S. Marine veteran (Bryan Kaplan), still suffering from the physical and emotional scars of war, finds himself in another battle –civilian life. Worse is when he discovers the recession is not helping him make a smooth transition as he looks for work. Forced to escape to the Mother Nature’s solitude offers Justin just the right breathing room from the pressures of becoming alone and homeless.

Justin’s time is split between part-time studies at the local community college and working part-time hours at the local wood mill where his boss and Vietnam War veteran, Paul, offers to be a voice of support for Justin on the troubles of adjusting to life back home and co-workers invite him into their social lives.
At school, Justin finds friendship with Cheri, one of his teachers, which soon develops into romance. Cheri, new to town as well, sees in Justin a strong and intelligent man trapped by circumstances and self-doubt. 
Marisa Costa
The emotional toll of loss during the war shackles Justin’s ability to open himself up to Cheri and the chasm between the experiences of his life and the experiences of those around him drives Justin to drop everything and disappear into the wilderness where he can be alone and free of all the pressures.

As Justin retreats from the pressures all around him and leaves to live in the woods, the film explores in visceral and unflinching detail the hardships Justin faces with homelessness and isolation. Through it all his determination for a reclaimed sense of purpose drives him to push on with every day a new mission to find himself.

FRAY is available for Theatrical, Digital Sales, Wholesale DVD sales & U.S./international broadcast, and public television inquiries. Film festival screenings and community groups are encouraged to use this film for outreach and engagement on many issues addressed in the film.
The Dancing with Films Festival featured some 90 films and this was the 15th year running in Hollywood. DWFF Associated Director Robert Mellett recalled the first time he entered his film, and also revealed what makes the festival unique. "No known talent can be in the film, in front of the camera or behind it," he noted.

One of the most talked about independent movies, "FRAY" is coming to a theater near you. Two thumbs Up for a great script and great narrative of war and the reality check at home.

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