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MPAA produces anti-piracy site SafeMedia says is a temporary solution

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The Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) has launched a new website it claims will fight piracy. The website at outlines a bunch of services for dozens of content sites such as Hulu, the largest content provider, HBO, Showtime, Netflix and Amazon to name a few. It explains how each online platform works and what devices support them and what content is available at the site.

The mission according the to the MPAA is to provide a “one-stop” shop for people looking for legal ways to watch movies and TV shows over the Internet.

MPAA Chairman Chris Dodd told the LA Times, there have never been more ways to access movies and Television legitimately online and those platforms continue to grow and develop thanks in large part to a copyright system that encourages innovation, risk and growth.”

“The companies I represent are committed to continuing to create and develop the best ways for audiences to enjoy the entertainment they love.”

Mary Wilson, Supremes
testifies at antipiracy in LA
However, CEO & Founder Saftwat Fahmy, SafeMedia, Boca Raton Florida contends it’s only a temporary solution to the problem.

Before Dodd took over as chairman of MPAA, his predecessor, Dan Glickman, past chairman was approached by, Boca Raton, Fl in 2008 with the only technology to stop illegal downloading of movies, music and copyrighted materials.

Safemedia offered to let MPAA, RIAA and the Cal-University Chancellor’s headquarters and any college campus test the hardware and technology for free. The requests were ignored and it was later revealed by an IT insider that MPAA refused to sign a nondisclosure agreement, so the beta test was never performed in 2008.

Sewanee U. uses SafeMedia to stop piracy.
Safemedia technology is superior to the more known and popular “fingerprint technology,” which automatically identifies audio or software properties used for DVD’s and music CD’s.

Safemedia, according to its site contends its superior threat prevention technologies protect critical business applications and data from both internal and external attacks. It stops attacks whether your network is wired, wireless, or encrypted, at the edge of the network or within the network core.

Shortly after being turned down my MPAA, AT&T approached Safemedia and
Arcadia University uses SafeMedia Tech
conducted successful beta tests on the technology, which also reduces bandwidth usage.

Later the technology was tested and is now being used to stop piracy on the campuses of  Sewanee University, Sewanee, TN and Arcadia University, Glenside, Pennsylvania.

“Once we placed the SafeMedia security appliance in-line, we instantly were able to identify and report on those users who were in violation of our ‘Internet Acceptable Use Policy’ and our ‘Higher Education Opportunity Act (HEOA) Policy’,” said Chief Information Security Officer Michael S. Davie, Arcadia University.

It’s estimated that counterfeiting and piracy are costing the U.S. economy around $250 billion a year, have led to the loss of more than 750,000 American jobs and needlessly expose consumers to dangerous and defective products.

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