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Jorge Rivera, Mexico's film superstar speaks out on Hollywood film industry

Actor Jorge Rivero at his Hollywood Hills Home.

Even though he has retired from movies and the entertainment industry, Mexico’s biggest movie star Jorge Rivero says he still keeps an eye on Hollywood from his home nestled up above the city in Hollywood Hills. The 75-year-old actor starred in some 150 movies from the 1960’s to 1990’s. He starred in films featuring John Wayne and Charlton Heston in Hollywood. In Europe, he was directed by legendary writer/ producer/director Lucio Fulci, where he admitted he enjoyed it more there than in the USA.
Examiner Writer George McQuade with Actor
Jorge Rivero at his Hollywood Hills, CA.

Rivero, a handsome and muscular Mexican leading man ironically, in his first film he played a masked wrestler and his face was never shown. He became a sex symbol and a major box-office star. Later, he was called by Hollywood to star with John Wayne inHoward Hawks's Rio Lobo (1970). Since the 1980s he has worked only occasionally in Mexican films and soap operas -- he has resided Southern California for more than three decades -- and appears in international productions, sometimes billed as
"George Rivero."
Jorge Rivero, actor who made 150 films in Europe, Mexico and Hollywood. 
During the 1970’s, way before Antonio BanderasGael García Bernal and others defined Latino actors, Rivero was a film hit during the days when Mexico was putting out 200 films a year. In Europe, his powerful, buff physique at six feet high attracted leading ladies all over the world like Spanish sex symbols Sandra Mozarowsky and Ana Obregon. The film superstar also worked with superstars like Miss Europe’s Pia Giancaro and Daniel Giordano during the height of his career in the 70s.

I sat down with this legendary actor at his home to get an update and learn what's missing in Hollywood today. (MORE)

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