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The Americans on D-Day Coming This Monday

The Americans on D-Day Film Coming Soon!

The Americans on D-Day

From American Legion Newsletter

"The Americans on D-Day" is the first battle-tour film produced by WW2-Reflections of Dublin, Ireland. It makes extensive use of smart graphics and veterans' recollections, with invaluable assistance from Dale Dye, a retired U.S. Marine captain who specializes in training actors for war-themed film and television productions.

The film will be shown April 27 at American Legion Post 43 in Hollywood, Calif.

Dye said the film "provides an exciting insight into one of the most pivotal events of the 20th century. I'm really proud to have a hand in this effort to provide a foxhole-level view of what happened in Normandy on June 6, 1944.

"I've seen a lot of tour videos that purport to give viewers an insight into what gallant Americans endured and accomplished on D-Day, but this one really hits the mark," Dye said.

Mort Schecter, who attended the film's premiere last month, witnessed the real D-Day landings from his perch as a tail gunner in a B-24 Liberator bomber.

"When we flew over the English Channel, there were a million ships in the water," Schecter said. "And I have yet to meet any of those guys who were on those ships." Now living in Northridge, Calif., the 85-year-old retired Air Force staff sergeant is a member of Post 43. During the war, he was assigned to the 467th Bomb Crew and 791st Bomb Squadron in England.

"I'm lucky to still be here," Schecter said. "We were never shot down, but we did crash-land with six 1,000 pound bombs on board. We flew the first mission on D-Day and bombed at 3:30 in the morning, and it was the easiest mission, because we never saw any fighters or opposition." Schecter still has a list of the missions he flew.

"Actor Jimmy Stewart was in our division, and he flew 28 missions," he said. "He entered the service as a buck private and, when he died, he was a general," he said.

Veterans who want to attend the April 27 screening at Post 43 should call (323) 851-3030 and leave a name, city and phone number.

"The Americans on D-Day" is available for online purchase.

Hollywood Salutes America’s Heroes


The Americans on D-Day Tour Film


What: Premiere Screening of Battle Tour Film “Americans on D-Day” for Veterans

Who: Ernest Borgnine, “Ernie”(Autobiography), Wishing Well,” TV-2009

Gina Elise, “Pin-Ups Calendar Girl” nonprofit for Vets (Confirmed)

Commander Bill Mc Taggart, American Legion Post 43, Hollywood

Captain Dale Dyle, Warriors, Inc., Band of Brothers (confirmed)

Morton Schecter, B-24 Tail Gunner, Northridge, Ca (Confirmed)
Richard D. Lanni, Director/Producer, The Americans on D-Day

Howard Manioan, Retired, U.S. Army 82nd Airborne who landed in

Normandy on D-Day (Confirmed)
Hollywood von Seibold, Tour Film Host of The Americans on D-Day (Confirmed)
Other Military Dignitaries TBA (Confirmed)

When: MONDAY – April 27, 2009

6:00 - 7:00 p.m. Cocktails, VIP, Refreshments

7:00 - 8:00 p.m. Film Screening (limited seating)

Media please RSVP with MAYO Communications

Where: The American Legion Post 43Hollywood
Veterans should RSVP with Terry Duddy 323-851-3030

Background: About 200 military, media and movie industry executives are expected to attend

a special screening of Americans on D-Day, the first of a series of tour films produced by WW2 Reflections, Dublin, Ireland. Director Richard Lanni has just completed his first of a series of battle tour films entitled,
The Americans on D-Day (www.theamericansondday.com/), which will premiere Monday, April 27th, 7:00 p.m. (PDT), (Cocktails 6:00 - 7:00 pm), at the American Legion Post #43, 2035 N Highland Ave., Hollywood, CA., 90068. The
film is available for any American Legion Post or veteran organizations upon request will be shown for free. Lanni is meeting with military dignitaries, museum officials and veterans of World War II. Lanni is researching California veterans of WW II for future interviews and plans to interview historians, museum officials in a series of films on Normandy.
[Editors: Credential Media must RSVP with MAYO Communications, 818-340-5300.]

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