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U.S. Navy, Army and Marines Vets To Be Treated To “Pin-Ups Calendar Girl,” Who Plans to Attend Premiere of The Americans on D-Day Film

Photo by Marcus Menchaca

Veterans of American Legion Post 43

Hollywood, will enjoy some nostalgia

of Gina Elise, who has been nicknamed

“The Calendar Angel” for her volunteer



Photo by Mike Forster

During World War II pin-up
calendars boosted moral of U.S.
Soldiers fighting overseas, and that spirit comes alive again
with the California’s “Calendar Angel” Gina Elise on Monday,
April 27, 2009. That’s when the American Legion, post # 43
will show the battle tour film Americans on D-Day.

Elise will join, surviving American Legion veterans of D-Day
in Normandy, Richard Lanni, Film Director, The Americans on
D-Day and film Host Ellwood von Seibold. One of the stars of
the battle tour film Howard Manoian, a veteran of the U.S.
Army 82nd Airborne will attend the event. He landed in Normandy
on D-Day and returned many years later to live in the country that

he helped liberate.

Gina Elise YouTube:

Gina Elise, nicknamed "The Betty Grable of a new generation" and
"The Calendar Angel" will be selling her T-Shirts and Calendars at
American Legion Hall event. Elise, who has donated $20,000 to aid
veteran hospital patients has received numerous community awards for
her volunteer work. “ I want to raise $20,000 for veterans this year,”

said Elise, who has made countless personal visits to ill and injured
veterans in hospitals and facilities across the country. Elise was
featured on Fox News last January.

"I now truly believe, three years after launching this project,
that one calendar, included with a special message, purchased for
a young recruit, can make all the difference in the world,” she said.

“Just to let him know that others are thinking of him.”

Film Director Richard Lanni has also trekked across the country
meeting with military dignitaries, museum officials and veterans
of World War II about Normandy. He‘s researching D-Day and
interviewing veterans in a series of films on Normandy. The next
film will be “A Soldier’s Journey” to be released around Memorial

“It is the 65th Anniversary of D-day,” said Lanni, WW2 Reflections,
Dublin, Ireland, who arrives in Hollywood this week. “We have
filmed interviews with surviving veterans of Normandy that will
be showcased in Hollywood later this month to relive those days.
I am here to meet more veterans and visit museums so our films
will be accurate.”

The first film premieres Monday, April 27th, 7:00 p.m. (PDT),
(Cocktails 6:00 - 7:00 pm), at the American Legion Post #43, 2035
N Highland Ave., Hollywood, CA. 90068. The film is available for
any American Legion Post or veteran organizations upon request
and will be shown for free. Veterans need to RSVP with the
American Legion.

Veterans who would like to RSVP to the event on April 27, 2009
need to call 323-851-3030 and leave your name, your city and
phone number. Media must RSVP with MAYO 818-340-5300.

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