Wednesday, May 12, 2010

CEO & President of PERI featured in IndUS Business Journal - May issue

PERI has developed 14 products
and scored with customers such
as Toyota and Blue Cross Blue Shield

Sarav Periasamy, founder and CEO of PERI Software Solutions, based in Newark, NJ has been profiled in the the May issue of IndUS Business Journal. 

PERI recently received five business awards at a national minority business conference in Washington DC. For more on the Article visit
IndUS Business Journal website (more

Sarav Periasamy, CEO and Founder, established PERI Software in 1999 with the goal of making it one of the world's leading technology companies. To achieve this PERI, which is based in Newark, NJ has strategically concentrated on the next-generation technology initiatives. It includes an emphasis on long-term growth opportunities and continuous customer focus. The result has been increased financial performance and enhanced profitability, along with greater value for customers and a stronger competitive position in global IT markets. 

Periasamy’s leadership, based on modern business perspectives, continuously drives forward the success of the company. His professional experience in R&D of next generation technologies, products and services he has transformed PERI from a business based solutions on IT staffing to a multi faceted global technology centric enterprise.
Under Periasamy’s leadership PERI has developed a synergistic portfolio of business units/profit centers across multiple industry verticals with worldwide revenue of more than $50M to date. Through new businesses acquisitions, strategic alliances and partnerships, as well as organic growth Periasamy has created strategies, structure and a culture of productivity to establish PERI as a leading global technology company. PERI has been awarded as one of the U.S. Pan Asian American Chamber of Commerce’s fastest-growing Asian-Indian American businesses and was also recognized recently with five awards as one of the top 100 diversity businesses in the U.S. at the 10th Annual Multicultural Business Conference.
Periasamy management style includes a no nonsense approach with tough and fair business decision making and little tolerance for bureaucracy and archaic business ways. The senior management team is given free reign within the parameters of PERI’s ethic of embracing change. They also work on striving for constant improvement in establishing PERI as the world's leading technology company.
A major strategic factor in PERI’s success has been the intensive “Boot Camp” style training that all the company’s new technology employees go through, including those people, who have a graduate degree in the IT field. Periasamy has taken PERI’s extensive technology training expertise and established a PERI University in
Chennai, India to train engineers in computer science, electrical engineering and other technology disciplines. PERI University’s curriculum has been approved by state authorities. The new campus is nearly completed, the faculty is being hired and the first group of students will begin enrollment in 2010. Additionally, Periasamy plans to bring PERI University to the U.S. to train technology workers here over the next two years.

Prior to starting PERI, he held a variety of positions, from architect to senior consultant, in the IT divisions of several leading global financial services firms including Prudential, Citibank and JP Morgan Chase. Periasamy received his bachelor's degree in Electrical and Electronics Engineering from University of Madras and then went on to receive his M.S. in Computer Science at New Jersey Institute of Technology
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