Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Should movie, music or TV Companies Allow Their Employees to Tweet?

 I was recently interviewed by Box Office Magazine regarding reports of Paramount's social media buzz about upcoming films and the tweet account they set up. It begs the question: Should studios allow their talent to tweet,or talk to fans in real time on Facebook or whatever forums to expand awareness of the movie, or do you feel its too risky?

Here's the Box Office Magazine article Online:

My personal experience shows that if you take a calculated risk it can pay off in huge dividends of massive free publicity, especially if you end up in Hollywood Reporter, Variety, Entertainment Tonight, The Wrap; or For independent movie producers with lower budgets, and musicians or independent music labels it's great publicity. 

What has been your experience, good, bad or ugly? I write for, NY and maintain scores of industry blogs. If you want to be quoted, please send your 
comments to and if you have a headshot or logo pls include it, too. Thanks. Geo. 

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