Friday, March 25, 2011

Actress Alexis Rhee featured in two upcoming films and film festivals in New York

 Hollywood, CA - Actress Alexis Rhee will be featured as a supporting actress in two powerful upcoming short films. 

The Choi FamilyMaurice Kanbar Institute of Film Television and New Media  Festival Shorts, Saturday, April 2, 2011   Cantor Film Center,  Theater 200, 36 East 8th street, New York, New York 10003
Rhee’s character is Mrs. Choi (mother of the boy who massacred the Virginia Tech students and the professors a few years ago, which was in the news).
” This story is about the aftermath of this massacre and the views of each of his family,” said Rhee, “and I’m sure a lot of people remember this story.   They flew me to Virgina last year and shot this within a week.   I had to go through a lot of of soul searching to do this role.”
Another gripping drama premiering at the Korean Film Festival in New York is DEFACE
  Deface also boasts a notable supporting cast, including Alexis Rhee (whose credits include Blade Runner’s “Billboard Geisha”) as Sooyoung’s fellow slave (that is the right term), Jeung-un by Joe Bendel.
Actress Alexis Rhee, whose long list of film credits include: the blockbuster Oscar-winning Crash (2004); On the Rocks (2006), Norbit (2007) and The Things We Carry (2009), and hit TV shows such as Lost, ER and Gilmore Girls to name a few, and she is also an accomplished violinist.

MATA LEAO – The LION KILLER is a film right out of today’s headlines:
After losing their home in the housing and economy crash of 2008, a young married couple is forced to move in the wife’s parents. Once a promising, budding architect now jobless, the young husband must find a way to secure an income. His identity as “a man”, their relationship, and the future of the parent’s home hang in the balance.
She will be acting opposite Graham Beckel (L.A. ConfidentialBrokeback Mountain and Joanna Sotomura (Madison County), Rob Watt (Writer of the Screenplay) and Grey Damon (True Blood) from Friday Night Lights TV series.

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