Monday, May 2, 2011

Digital Hollywood and EPPS to sponsor upcoming event Wednesday in Marina del Rey


All eyes will be on the opening panel of the EPPS One-Day Conference at Digital Hollywood the morning of Wednesday, May 4, as part of Digital Hollywood’s Spring Event. The topic is PR CRISIS MANAGEMENT and will feature well known PR pros Stan Rosenfield, Joann Killeen and Erik Deutsch.  Rosenfield and Killeen each recently severed relationships with high profile clients (Charlie Sheen and Nadya Suleman-”Octomom,” respectively) at the height of media frenzies when their clients proved to be unmanageable. Howard Bragman, an equally well known expert in the realm of PR controversies, will moderate. The panel is scheduled to begin at 9:00 AM at the Ritz-Carlton Hotel in Marina Del Rey. 

The remainder of the day promises to be equally revealing: 
At 10:45 AM, the topic will be, BEST USE OF THE INTERNET & SOCIAL MEDIA FOR PROMOTIONS/ MARKETING OF MOVIES, TV shows & DVD. Journalist Chris Marlowe will Moderate the following panelists Erik Bright, CEO  & President, Prodigy PR; Jennifer Fader, Vice President, eMedia, Rogers and Cowan; Karen Herman, Director of the Archive for American Television; and Jason Wonacott, Wonacott Communications,

At 1:45 PM, the topic will be, HOW TO CREATE ONLINE COMMUNITIES to inform and involve users with entertainment products in advance of distribution. Zach Colvin,  of Allison & Partners SF, will moderate panelists Brian Altounian, CEO, WOWIO; Anne Driscoll, Vice President, Business Operations, Ning; Ajay Shah, CEO/Founder, Spot411; Rosabel Tao, SVP, Corporate Communications, MySpace.

At 3:15 PM, Sallie Olmsted, SVP, Rogers and Cowan, will moderate a panel discussing HOW TO USE INTERNET AND DIGITAL MEDIA TO COMMUNICATE key messages to promote movies, TV shows & DVD’s.” Panelists will be Alexis Howerton, Chief Creative Officer, Shoehorn Enterprises; Cindy Ronzoni, Founder and CEO, Social Spread Media; Jon Vidar, Executive Director, Counterspill; and Karen Woodward, Freelance social media manager and writer.

For reservations, complete the online registeration and email or fax to 310-452-9005, or log on to for information and registration to all of Digital Hollywood’s events May 2 - May 5.  Contact Marilyn Finegold (310-496-4449)Also contact:

George Mc Quade
Past President EPPS
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