Sunday, April 29, 2012

Artist do not need a music label musicians and industry pros are told at first Noize Entertainment Expo in Hollywood, CA

(L-R) Darryl Swann, Sam Kling, Peermusic, Chad Richardson,
Ole,  Jessa Gelt,  EMI Music and Moderator Felicia,
 "The Poetess" Morris Roscoe's Media Center Musicians Institute
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The music business makes a lot of “Noize” in Hollywood
Jessa Geit, EMI Publishing

“Artists don’t need a label anymore,” Panelist 
Jessa Gelt, EMI Music Publishing told a crowd of 
mostly music enthusiasts, artists and industry pros at 
the First Noize Entertainment Expo (April 28, 2012) 
at the Musicians Institute, Hollywood CA. “We have 
songwriters, who have been dropped from other labels,
we have songwriters, who have partnered with 
other songwriters and have form bands. The 
Internet provides international resources.” 
Topics ranged from “Indie vs. Major” (labels) State
of Industry to the “Pros and Cons’ of publishing.
 Panelist discussed critical observations of writing, 
producing and distributing music.  Attendees got the 
rare chance to meet face to face with industry experts who all agreed that, 
“technology has turned everything upside down creating a lot of noise.” 
 “Thanks to the 
Internet there are no rules and forget about the business model, too,”  said 
Darryl Swann, who’s is a long time contributor to ASCAP, and is a writer, 
record producer, and developer of emerging artists under his own production 
company Senova Media.
Darryl Swann, Senova Media
“Great songs and great production will always be 
here, and it’s all cyclical. We were so enamored with 
ProTools, Apple -Logic and all the technology it’s like
a toy. We’re putting that toy away and getting back 
the songs.” Swann, an American record producer, 
songwriter, educator and musician. He has worked 
with prominent artists including Macy Gray,
 Black Eyed Peas,  Mos Def among others. He has also 
done substantial work for  Atlantic  Records,
Sony Records, and Universal Records. He teaches 
music at the Musicians Institute and UCLA. And how 
do artists make money? “That’s the million dollar 
question,” he said. “Music today is pretty much a 
promotional vehicle, where you bring people to your brand.”
Best advice? “Think out of the box, and hustle,” said Swann.
The 1st Annual Noize Entertainment Expo provided direct access to big names
in the music industry.  New Artist Junior Wright, Hollywood, who just release 
his debut album “Come to Me”, said, “It was amazing to meet some of the 
legends that takes sometimes years happen,” he said.
The one-day-event allowed budding musicians and artists to take
part in various discussions and network face-to- face with top industry professionals, as well as participate in a prestigious pre-selected artist 
showcase, accordingto Dre Griffin, Phantom Muzik, who coordinated the event. 
The event was one of the longest running events of the music industry
in Hollywood in recent memory. Registration started at 8:00 A.M. and
end with representatives from Myspace and Syco on marketing and 
"packaging your project," and "bulding a winning team of musicians and 
the A&R's."
(L-R) Darryl Swann, Sam Kling, Peermusic, Chad Richardson,
Ole,  Jessa Gelt,  EMI Music
 at the first Entertainment Noize Expo.
Panelists and speakers included:  Julia Betley (RCA Records)Tom Morgan (Sony Music), Tavi Shabestari (BMI), Latanya Newt (BET Networks), Sam Taylor (EMI Music Publishing), James Leach (SESAC), Jerome Spence and Sam Kling (Peermusic), Chris Lakey (Kobalt Music Publishing), Julia Henry (Fox Sports/Music Supervisor), Jennifer DaRe - ATN Management, Norwood Fisher (Co-Founder & Bassist for Fishbone), Jason Green (Crimson Group/Def Jam Universal), Chad Richardson (Ole'), John Acosta (Professional Musicians Local 47), Randy Hankins (High School Tours), Eric Bellinger (Songwriter/The Writing Camp), Darryl Swann (Senova Media), Livio Harris (Notting Hill Music), Eric Knight (Singer/Songwriter), Zues Zamani (AZ Productions), Jeff Porter (Ostrow and Company) and Bobby Reed (Bobby Reed Productions).
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