Monday, March 18, 2013

Finders Keeps, the Root of All Evil is a "KEEPER"

Timothy Woodward Jr. at Root of All Evil mixer.


Finders Keepers:
The Root Of All Evil

Directed by
Timothy Woodward Jr.

 Finders Keepers: The Root Of All Evil Official Trailer A high stakes poker game. A drug lord. A million dollars. A set of ruthless killers who want it all.

Directed by Timothy Woodward Jr
Timothy Woodward Jr. , Jeremy London
and Mike Benavides at Launch mixer.

Actor/Producer Timothy Woodward Jr., Finders Keepers: The Root of all Evil was shot on a shoestring budget. The end result equals high quality action, beautiful camera angles and editing throughout the film. Most of the film was done in the woods giving it the appeal of a big budget movie.

Award winning actor/director Timothy Woodward Jr., in conjunction with Sky Studios, a content partner of NBC/Fox/ABC’s on-demand outlet Hulu, has gone beyond what’s expected in his horror/thriller film, Finders Keepers due out April 1st nationwide.

The artwork and official trailer for Finders Keepers: The Root of all Evil is now up on IMDB and is getting quite a buzz already. Taking a page from actor/director Ben Affleck’s book,  Woodward directs the film, but also finds time to squeeze himself in as an actor.
The 90+ minute full length feature is written by Pia Cook and Todd Gordon. Cook and Woodward have become quite a pair, working together on several films including “Blackout” starring Timothy Woodward Jr. and Emmy award winning actor Bill Oberst Jr.. One of the huge projects in the works is the much anticipated first installment of the new modern day Dracula trilogy.

Filming of Finders Keepers:

Filming of Finders Keepers: The Root of all Evil is in post-production and scheduled to be released on April Fools Day, no foolin’. What also makes this project highly unusual is the fact that Woodward deliberately picked raw talent or actors with very little acting experience. He admits it was a gamble, but a calculated one, which paid off. The movie is scary, chilling, quite realistic and is suspenseful.

This story features a band of losers and shifts their criminal acts into the chaotic lives of a group of 20 something year olds, who are innocently celebrate a birthday. The one to watchi in this movie is “Chuck” (Richard Bachellor), who Woodward said, “showed up on set the first day of filming and refused to leave until he was given a part.”

Woodward also noted that, Bachellor was cast almost by accident and put out one of the most powerful performances of the film with his natural raw talent.

About Timothy Woodward Jr. 

Timothy Woodward Jr. and
Lauren De NormandieSTATUS LA Mag. Editor
Timothy Woodward Jr. was born and raised in the small town of Georgetown, South Carolina. As a child he and his two brothers Brandon & Thomas spent most of their time playing team sports and enjoying the great outdoors as you can only do in the country. However, as Timothy got older, he developed a deep love for the entertainment industry.

After graduating from high school, Woodward attended Trident College in Charleston, SC where he studied drama. After two years of higher education, he auditioned for and landed his first lead role in a teen drama series.

Shortly after landing his first job, Timothy met actor Brent Lovell. They soon discovered that in addition to sharing a love for acting, they also both loved working behind the scenes. They but their energy and passion for the industry to good use and founded Peachtree Pictures, a production company designed to help give the eastern coastal region's entertainment scene the same energy as Hollywood. Over the next few years, Woodward and Lovell worked on several national projects, and were even nicknamed the "The Matt Damon and Ben Affleck of the Carolina's". 


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