Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Los Angeles Fashion Week shines on 2013 Nikki Rich Fall/Winter Fashion Show

2013 Nikki Rich Fall/Winter Fashion Show - LA Fashion Week (March 7-17, 2013)
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Several hundred fashion enthusiasts, celebrities, music fans, friends and industry giants from around the globe packed into the Concepts Los Angeles, Siren Studios in Hollywood over the weekend. Lots of gray and black colors dominated this year’s fashion show on opening night (Sat., March 09, 2013) of Nikki Lund & Richie Sambora Fall/Winter Collection. It was definitely the highlight of this year’s LA Fashion Week (March 06-17, 2013).

It’s tough to imagine how Nikki Lund can top each year, but she does it with flair, a natural ease as if she writing music while she designs her newest Collection of a modern lifestyle brand for a new generation.

"As I get older I want more functionality and affordable clothes. It's important that stuff is washable and you do not want to have to take it to the cleaners every time after wearing it," she said with a smile.