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42 (2013) Movie review - the true story of baseball’s American Legend Jackie Robinson

Harrison Ford’s newest movie hit a grand slam performance with team player Chadwick Boseman at the box office for “:42”, the movie. According to the movie website Box Office Mojo opening day, '42' ($9,100,000) is on track to become the “best debut ever” for a baseball movie. Even #2 Scary Movie 5 did have half as good ($5,515,000) and third place Evil Dead (2013) ($3,200,000) on opening day.

Branch Rickey's prediction of fallout and discrimination turned out right with not only rivals but even with his own teammates. Robinson became a bull’s-eye target with nasty criticism, physical abuse and constant racial slurs. Even the opposing teams in the Major League threatened strikes. And to make it worse, his own teammates threatened to walk out. 
It was an inspiring, riveting movie portraying the true, against all odds story of how Hall of Famer Jackie Robinson broke numerous records. The biggest record was cutting through the racial barriers during the days when restrooms 
Brian Helgeland and Harrison Ford
were market “colored” and the entrance to the ballparks showed signs of segregation.
It is a breakthrough real-life drama that stars Chadwick Boseman (The Express”) as Jackie Robinson and one of Oscar® Nominee Harrison Ford (“Witness) best performances as Branch Rickey. If the box office attendance and receipts are any indication, it could set a new weekend showing, too. 
In 1947, Rickey placed himself at the forefront of history after signing Robinson to the Brooklyn Dodgers, breaking Major League Baseball’s infamous color line.  Bombarded with racism from all sides, Robinson pursued his dream with awesome courage and restraint from reacting and ruining his career.  
Robinson widow (middle) 90 yr. old  old Rachel
Ryan Merriman (Dixie Walker) & Kristen McMuller
In 1997, Major League Baseball retired his number of “42”, which was the first number in sports to be universally put on the shelf.  Written and Directed by Academy Award® winning Director Brian Helgeland (“L.A. Confidential”), the movie was produced by Thomas Tull, Dick Cook, Jon Jashni (The Hangover(2009)) and Jason Clark, Ted (2012).  Co-producers included Jillian Zaks (Pacific Rim, July 2013) and Darryl Pryor (Lethal Weapon 4, 1998). 
The main cast gave a stellar performance and included: Nicole Beharie, Christopher Meloni, Andrew Holland, Lucas Black, Hamish Linklater and Ryan Merriman. 
After watching film that opened nationwide Friday, April 12, 2013 and hearing movie goers cheer on Robinson’s victories throughout, this film timing is perfect. It carefully traced how blacks in this country struggled to overcome racism. 
The White House held a screening for high school and college students of the Jackie Robinson biopic “42″ earlier this month (April 3, 2013), which was hosted by first lady, Michelle Obama. 
Harrison Ford talks to the media about the "42".
Harrison Ford describes it as, “A real pleasure and great experience, because we were able give them a lot of written materials on the movie and Robinson’s history,” he said on Premiere night in Hollywood.  “It’s very important to remind the young people not just about a bit history, or reading about it,  but more about what it felt like to be a victim of racism at that time.”  
Asked about Chadwick Boseman’s star role in the movie as Jackie Robinson he said, “Chadwick was great. He worked so hard to learn the skills of a baseball player and studied the life of Jackie Robinson. 
This could be a homerun at the Oscars next year, too. It has been already nominated for the Golden Trailer Awards For “Best Drama” (AV Squad, and Warner Bros. Pictures) for "Trailer 2" and “Best Drama Poster” for (Refinery, The and Warner Bros. Pictures).
This is a great movie to take the whole family to learn history and enjoy the true legacy of Jackie Robinson. Two thumbs up! 
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