Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Tom Cruise fans slipped into "Oblivion' at the box office

Oblivion , the Tom Cruise Sci-filler thriller film has shown he still is a great box office draw if given the right stuff for a movie. It also stars  and .
He knocked 42 the movie out of first place with a  $38.2 million debut, according to studio executives keeping track over the weekend..
Oblivion brought in more than $33.7 million domestically and a whopping $112 million overseas for a grand global taken of $150.2 million receipts.
Morgan Freeman told CBS one main reason he accepted the role was a chance to work with Tom Cruise.  
Tom Cruis and Morgan Freeman "Oblivion" leads
at the box office ( Courtesy Universal Pictures)
"That was one great, great draw for the project," Freeman told CBS News. "I've been wanting to work with him since I don't know when. I'm a big fan of his. A big, big fan."
Freeman has a lot of fans, too, including this writer, who saw him receive so many Lifetime achievement awards, Cruise was probably saying the same about working with Freeman.
The cast is awesome, too. We'll see if fans slip into Oblivion
this weekend, too. 
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